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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

52 ---- love nasad

i have just read a short story on love, 20 questions by Juan ekis. i was shocked by the sincerity of the piece. there was no beating around the bush. one plot is all there is. i hope i can write something like it. but nope, i don't know how to write narratives. have tried to in high school (not really tried on my own but forced to write as an assignment). i suck at writing stories. if i write one, it will surely go in circles.

anyway, the story was on friends. their barkada have this prank on them and they were locked in the room for 3 days during a vacation trip. of course, they can do whatever they like. the male was principled. he has his idea of what is right and wrong. the woman was practical. well she seems practical but deep inside, she is a hopeless romantic. she has experienced many things.

now the two of them started this game where they ask questions to each other. a total of 20 questions, they have to answer honestly to each. they asked on there future plans, secrets, love life, crushes, sex, etc. and all of a sudden, the magic started between them. the last question was "don't you want to kiss me?", and probably you know what happened, the story ended.

i was hooked by the sincerity and simplicity of it.

now lets stop this drama. i have kept all this pent up emotions deep within. i am totally confused, i am over thinking on simple things. i have watched "kimi wa petto" (you are my pet) yesterday though i have not finished the series yet and i totally feel the same sentiments as the main character. she is a successful woman in her field, graduated from a famous university, elite as her colleagues say, and men are afraid of her. all she seeks is true love but her lovers get insecure of her accomplishments. as for me, i graduated from one of the best school if not the best. though I'm not  really sure if I'm successful in this field but hopefully i am. but...  ...


wait a minute...

what am i talking about???? i am not looking for love. i am waiting for love to bump me in the head. i am waiting for the bells and music when i meet that person. i am a lazy person so ill wait.... if you are the right one then come to my place, bring a bell and talk to me.

ill probably think you are it.

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