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Sunday, June 19, 2011

blog imports

finally i'm done with all my friendster blogs. i guess i'll need to check on each just to see if the font color is readable against my background. but basically, i'm done. my friendster blogs are:

while reading the entries, there were some bits and pieces missing. bits and pieces started with my friendster entries but then only the endings were in my blogger entries. that actually made sense because i also had a multiply blog. the multiply entries sort of, revealed the transition. i just found that out coz i read them again. somehow, a part of me was missing in this blog site. i'm not quite sure if you care but if you do, i'm in deep shit!!!

now here is the biggest issue. if possible, i would also like to import my multiply blog in here too to complete the picture. but unfortunately, this is quite hard. it seems that multiply does not have an exporter. multiply doesn't want me out. multiply wants to keep my missing pieces. waaaa... 53 entries in multiply is missing. well, not all necessarily unique--i have duplicates in both blogger and friendster. but i want them back.

help guys!!!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

you can dance

@title, not really me but they can. i've always been an avid fan of "so you think you can dance". i have watched the show from the first time i had internet. of course i don't live in the US and have never been there, but through the ever dependable internet i can still appreciate the beauty of dance.

the show has really grown in me. i can still recall the best performances i've seen. and seeing dancers with such power and emotions makes me wish i was a dancer myself. some cells in my body even think they can also do the tricks, but most of my brain don't. maybe it's time to take dance classes, it would be a great work out too. hmmm... it's not too late i guess. hmm... suggestions people...

the 8th season of the show has just started and even from auditions, 2 dancers caught my attention. surprisingly, i just learned that they were both filipinos. yehey!!! philippines represented!! woot woot!!! if they can dance, hmmm then maybe i too can. i wonder...
i now follow both in twitter. and i even got a reply.

fritz jimenez
 well at least you know some. so that makes 2 Flips in the show this season. you and  were both standouts even in auditions

tadd gadduang and marko germar, god bless to both of you! (click on the names for their twitter accounts.) hope you too can support them in their quest.

now i leave you with a standout performance from the first episode. it's the best for me in that night. this features marko!!! woot woot!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


do not be surprised for a sudden grow in entries. no you are not dreaming and this is no fantasy--as if you would really notice but just in case you do. i have successfully imported my friendster blog entries here. yehey! hurrah!!! shoutout to @jp (click the name to reach his blog).

so now, i will be busy sorting things out. the entries have to retain their original posted form but still i have to read each just to be content sure. here are the things to note before you read them:

  • these entries were written 5 years ago. as such, they will obviously be posted in the oldest parts of this blog.
  • all friendster entries have numbers or anything related to numbers in their titles. as to why, i really don't know (reminiscent of that shampoo commercial huh. wahihihi). i am not sure what i was thinking back then but at least it is convenient now.
  • since they were written 5 years back, writing style must have also been different. grammar and spelling goes with it. (a disclaimer sort of for you guys who might pick on me for it. wahahaha)
  • there are a total of 58 entries. these will be published from first to last one after the other. i still have to read each entry before posting.
  • do not ask me how the picture below is related to this entry. it has no relation at all. i just want to post it in here. :D
now the ground rules are set. hurrah to my old entries!!!

and they all start here. enjoy!!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


before facebook, there was friendster. was an avid friendster user and was a frequent friendster blog writer. but everything must come to an end. my friendster activities lessened when i joined multiply... dwindled when i started blogger... and completely died when i opened facebook. so when i heard of the impending site closure, it was never a shock.

friendster has had its days. of course it did. it was the eye-opener of my social networking hobby and the first to receive my unedited words. what i immediately tried to save were the photos and my blog entries. unfortunately, the latter is still very hard to do. i have tried the exporter for 7 times now and still i can't retrieve my blog. i would be very happy if someone can help me with this.

my very first blog entry was dated september of 2006. never have i imagined to be blogging for 5 years now. and knowing me, surely i have written just about anything--driven by intense emotions mostly. 61 entries all in all, that is more than expected. so again, please please please cooperate friendster! give me back my words, i want them back.

afterword: and i thought friendster would quit by end of may. but isn't it june already? maybe it is waiting for me to retrieve my file.

update: just a day after my post, i immediately received a response on how to retrieve friendster blog. well i still have to try it. thanks @jp. please visit the site in here.

update2: it worked!

Monday, June 13, 2011

double standards

for people like me who has unhealthy scalp, salon experts recommend scalp treatment. of course, i took it. i am still too young to be bald. i don't want to be bald yet. though it is in my genes, i don't want it to happen now. no no no... gosh, back to the topic.

so one day i went to "tony and jackey" to get the scalp treatment. it was a nice salon with good service. but hairdressers were all koreans. i have no complaints on koreans, don't get me wrong. they cut hair well and have an out of this world style. but i do feel a little frustrated that filipinos now hire koreans to style their hair in the philippines. hmmm... but i still support the salon. i am such a hypocrite.

the salon has filipino assistants attending to the desires of the korean hairdressers. the korean hairdressers only cut the hair and guide the assistant on all the procedures needed. so there i went at around 11am to have my treatment. the assistant shampooed my hair and then applied the treatment, heated it up via a bubble shaped heating machine, and then shampooed again, and finally dried it up ready for cutting. it was around lunch time when the hairdresser finally got to me.

i just asked her to trim my hair shorter. she cut my hair as expected. massaged a little as expected. but then, she continued the treatment (this should have been done by the assistant), massaged my head some more, massaged my face, massaged my neck and then my back. it was enough to ask, do they also offer body massages in here? it was a super nice experience but it was not the usual. i've had 4 treatments before in the same salon but it was not like this. it was so good to the point that i thought bad of the korean stylist. it seemed that a good service was only made because she was asking for a "tip". she even waited by the doorway after i paid as if waiting for the "tip".

but my double standards surfaced. i paid the amount and "tipped" the filipino assistant, but not the korean hairdresser. most of the huge sum i paid would surely go to the hairdresser and the assistant would only get a small portion of it. i pity the filipino assistant and i would rather give more to her than to anyone else. call it double standards but i don't want to receive good service just to get a "tip". why won't they treat all customers the same? do i smell of money? does my face spell money? i don't like that. good service should be for all.

now, just for the benefit of the doubt, maybe she fancies me. i don't look bad, so maybe i am here type. too bad she isn't mine, i have higher standards. wahahahha.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

minutes of silence

because of recent happenings, i have been questioning myself lately. for sure it was not intentional nor the circumstance called for it, but a eureka popped up. err... not really a eureka: a eureka is more of a realization/finding of something. this one was more on the negative.

was what i did enough? was i worth it?

it hit me hard, leading to self doubt. why were there so many loopholes if i did right? gosh... i really thought hard. and the more i think about it, the more it bugged me, and the more it brought me down to the pits of hell. i just tried to keep my pride but deep inside i was about to burst into tears. i tried to justify with myself... who was to blame for this???? who had the bigger fault???? but all fingers pointed to me. ouch!

24 minutes passed and all is history.

why would i dwell on what has happened? all i have to do was think of ways on how to do it better than think deep of how to put less blame on me. from the eternal abyss of hell, my spirit was lifted to the peak of mt olympus. energized. ready to face the battles head on. you just wait a little and you will be crushed, speck of dust.

lesson of my story:
haller!!! take life easy oi! how will we be successful if we haven't tried failures? and how will we improve if we haven't questioned our worth? but don't dwell on the failures and questions na lang permi hap. OA ra sad ning uban na di na lang mulihok kay sayop lang daw permi. ewww!!! that will never ever ever happen to me.

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