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Thursday, November 17, 2011

ideal type

hmmm. after 2 days of working out, i thought that i should have a goal. as my instructor told me, numeric goals (ideal weight and time frame) are more practical. so i went home last tuesday with this in mind. what is my goal???? what do i want to achieve???

for the time frame, that is quite easy. i should reach my goal before our family reunion this december end. very near. it is a month from now. uhhhh... scary.

now the weight is more difficult. at 24.5 BMI, my weight is normal to my height. but it's in the upper category-- overweight starts at 25 BMI. i then searched the net for a goal. browsed... browsed... but the answer came from old emails. spare me from your questions about the email contents please. and right there and then it became my phone wallpaper. i just had to see it everyday to remind me of my goal. thank you very much to the anonymous who shared this picture in my mailbox.

satisfied with my find, i shared it to my colleagues the day after. they said the body was great, but they don't want me to be like that. it won't fit me they said. well, who can blame them? me and the picture/wallpaper are complete opposites. i've always been this lovable creature but the damn wallpaper was oozing with sexiness hot. as in HOT!!! definitely my type... hmmm... ideal body type. wait that might sound something else. i want to have that body... hmmm... that still sounds wrong. wahahahaha.

it seems i missed the point. they can't imagine me in that body. they find it hard to see my face in that body. one even said that i can never give that serious look. but who said that hot bodies must always have a serious look???? there is no rule on that. gosh. i just have to do it and see it for myself. wahahahha.

all i have to do now is focus to attain that body... and sweat it out... and not loose hope... and sweat it out... and persist... and pray that i can persist... and control food intake... and sweat it out... and be serious about this... and enjoy the ride... and sweat it out... gosh, it's never ending, this is still a big job. to say its a big job is even an understatement.

but wait, i only have the pictures but not the numbers.

 this one above is my new wallpaper
 just found out through that his name is hendri rachman.
 he is about this tall. hmmm, what could his weight be?
he lives in australia as said in his facebook page. yes i stalked. i even got an address. but i'm afraid to ask his weight directly. hope someone can estimate.

so now that you've seen the pics, you can surely say that i'm out of my mind. this goal might take me years. goodness gracious! but why shouldn't i aim high? at least if i don't reach it, i'll land somewhere close, at somewhere better than now. wahihihihi....

photo credit goes to:
     anonymous mail sender. (i wonder where he got the other personal pics...)

update: i already got the figures before i even posted this entry. what a waste of announcement. he is 5'7" at 141lbs. i am 5'6+, so i should be at around 137lbs. goodness gracious. that is 15lbs to loose. aja! i've got to sweat it out. and sweat it out some more. hmmmm.... is belting it out in karaoke considered heavy workout? i wonder... wahihihhi

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