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Saturday, December 31, 2011

my memorable christmas

the philippine christmas celebration they say is the longest. it starts as early as september and ends on january. i also think it does. people starts to become joyful and thinks of christmas on september. but for me, my christmas started on december 10.

we decided to have a community outreach for the fire victims in tejero. it was a heartwarming experience. seeing the smiles on the faces of our beneficiaries is more than enough. i believe that all great things begin with a simple step and not taking that step is the biggest sin. i know that what we offered was not enough but it is a step. this made me realize that if people are more compassionate towards others, what a great difference this would make to the world. in our case, the small effort of 12 people made 70 families a bit happier.

it was also on december when i joined a funlympics. i was never the sporty type from the start but i know how to use adrenaline. i was surprised myself that i totally enjoyed the event. we had paintball early in the morning. it was fun when you hear someone scream "ouch"; it was fun knowing that you were able to hit. but the bullets are really painful, no joke. in the afternoon, we enjoyed an unusual obstacle course. it definitely is not good for acrophobic people like me. i always thought of quitting during the course but my heart pushed me to continue. and yes i did! the late afternoon was spent on race karting. i don't drive and i admit i am the worst even on simulated driving but this is fun. i just sped up and survived with no scratches. wahihihi. this made me think of the importance of a good health. the world is wide and there is still so much more to explore. be fit and take the challenge.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

rules of flirting

i always knew flirting was an art. tickling sensations and getting responses from mere gestures is an art way above there. as an art enthusiast, i researched on it and stumbled upon this article. i was never a flirt... mmm... or was i? i couldn't tell but i always smiled. bwahahahaha. now let's get going.

APPROACHEE (the magneto)
  • Rule 1: Smile.  Just because someone looked your way doesn’t necessarily mean you are liked by that person (maybe you still have pesto stuck between your teeth).  To test the water, so to speak, smile.  If you get a smile back, that still wouldn’t mean he likes you.  So smile more – and wider this time.  If his smile widens, too, then there may just be something there.
  • Rule 2: Don’t stare.  Only ugly people stare.  That’s not a joke, but a statement of a fact.  Beautiful people (why they’re the “approachees”) give furtive glances, no more.  It teases the approacher, and, at the same time, provides the approachee with ample time to look if the tentative smiles are returned, so the next steps can be taken.
  • Rule 3: Wink.  Another way to test the water, albeit more blatant.  This is somewhat optional, however, since not that many can wink sexily.
  • Rule 4: Nod gently.  If somewhat sure the target is returning the flirting, nod gently – this should encourage them to approach you.
  • Rule 5: Shake head while smiling.  Sometimes the target thinks highly of himself because he was being flirted with, in the first place, so he immediately pretends to be disinterested (it thus becomes a battle of wills on who will stay as the approachee).  When this happens, make sure to catch his attention again, and then smile at him (as naughtily as possible) while slightly shaking the head.  Then give a somewhat longer-lasting look (still not a stare!).
  • Rule 6: Feign disinterest.  Talk to your friends while occasionally looking his way.  When you catch him looking back, forget the nice smile this time – give a flat smile, instead, coupled with a slight nod, before looking away to continue conversing with your friends.  This is to tell him you have other people in your circle (he isn’t the only one in the party).
  • Rule 7: Accept the truth.  After Rule 6, try Rule 1 (only Rule 1) again.  If he still doesn’t take any steps, then he may not really interested in you in the first place – or is still feeling too beautiful for you, so is expecting for you to make the initial moves.  If you don’t think he is worth it, move on.
APPROACHER (the daredevil)
  • Rule 1: Smile.  While looking around, smile – or at least look interested and interesting to what is happening around you.  This way, you check what’s in the market, while, I bet, getting checked, too.
  • Rule 2: Wait for a reaction.  In the interest of self-preservation, approach only those who may return whatever it is you are giving out (unless you are used to getting dumped), so wait for some signs, e.g. smiles, nods of acknowledgment, et cetera.
  • Rule 3: Always approach with caution.  Even when you think you got the right signals, the approachee may just be playing with you, so approach with care (e.g. pretend to be just buying a drink at the bar, so you are just passing his way; or pretend to bump against him while dancing), and wait for even more signals (e.g. more glances, wider smiles, greetings, et cetera).
  • Rule 4: Have self-respect.  If, at any point while talking to the other guy, you sense you are not really liked, the truth is you are not really liked.  So just come up with some lame excuse (e.g. say “My fuck buddy’s just arrived” while nodding towards a drop dead gorgeous guy you will never, ever even be able to touch) and leave with whatever shred of dignity you can still hold on to.
  • Rule 5: Learn the art of dumping.  Just because you are the one who approaches doesn’t mean you always have to be the one to be rejected.  If, for any reason, you don’t find the target that nice up close, dump him – there are more to approach.

good thing i haven't stared. bwahahahaha. unknowingly, i did some of these but i never really intended them for flirting. maybe i am but a sexy thing. (overconfidence flooding in). oh well, i'm nothing but words so no worries in there. but really, i think these are effective. 

as a final say, go out and enjoy! you don't need rules to follow. just feel what you feel and act accordingly. it will all come out naturally... or even spurt!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

6 patches

6 things to patch is OK, am i not right?

waiting with friends is the hardest; we were supposed to start at 2. she was a bit sarcastic too. i know how you feel but you don't have to shove it in our faces. just contact the damn thing and tell us if you can't do it now. i hate to wait. and i hate to wait not knowing whether we will be served. might as well tell us now so we can find someone else. this was even a trick for i was expecting a handsome man to do the honors. but i kept my cool, i was never the bold one.

sitting in a narrow space is even worse. i can't even extend my legs to the fullest. and there is this eerie feeling of nothingness in that place too. good thing the tv was on. at least i was singing along with the show. and there were magazines. damn, all were old issues. what can i get from cosmopolitan? tons of stuff about dealing with your man, touching your man, teasing your man, giving him the best pleasure and ecstasy... but i can't relate. i am single. in fact i have never had a loving relationship, nor a sexual one. no one dared to take me and i never bothered.

we were called in one by one. the squeaky, tingling, annoying sound is a bit hard to take. it didn't help at all. i was even more nervous. out came one and i was left alone in that cramped holding area.

it must have been a good 20 mins before my time came. i was prepared to answer her questions; it was 3 years ago, i could have said. but she didn't ask. is she serious about this? she just started her thing. there was no pep talk, we proceeded as planned. i guess she was tired--what horror could she have witnessed earlier? i hope i won't add to that. and there goes that tingling sound again.

finally she talked. and gave her advice and findings. 6 patches needed. i was a bit shocked. only 6? in 3 years, just 6? amazingly unbelievable. the other had 11 and 15 but i have 6.


i need to come back sometime for this. i would have liked to finish it all now but she can't. and there goes that lame excuse again, it was hard to contact the agent. but i  totally get it. no worries, i will be back.

then i felt squeaky clean... or rather my teeth were.

that dentist actually did a great job. but i need to come back for the 6 fillings.

more to come then...

Sunday, November 27, 2011


got this message recently from my mail and i just have to share it to you guys. wahahahha. ganyan pala ka dami? sobrang itemized nito siguro. of course, credit goes to whoever wrote this, i just shared it remember? disclaimer ko na din yan, baka kasi may sumugod at maghamon ng away. hate ko pa naman ang confrontations. bwahahaha. i also would have liked to add pictures but decided not to. baka ma ban pa ang site. wahahahha. anyway, tell me which number are you? enjoy!


1. CLOSET GAY - the basic, mga baklang a...yaw umamin ng kanilang kabaklaan. Sila ay madalas na pigil at laging pinag-iisipan ang kanilang kilos. Madalas pag nasa maraming tao, kilos lalaki sila pero pag dilim, dun lumalabas ang totoong kulay.

Bukambibig: "Huwag kang maingay, hindi alam ng tatay ko na bakla ako!"

2. SISTER L - baklang lantaran sa kanilang mga kabaklaan. Sila yung mga nagdadamit ng pambabae, nagme-make-up, at yung iba, nagpapa-sex change.

Bukambibig: "Punta tayo sa katabing bar, maraming mga lalaking gwapo dun!"

3. MACHO-CHOPA - baklang hindi mo aakalain dahil mas guwapo at macho pa sa tunay na lalaki. Ito yung mga baklang maskulado, nagdyi-gym madalas upang magpalaki ng katawan. Pero pag kumilos si macho-chopa e halata mo ring charingdahil mahilig magpa-cute sa mga guwapong trainor sa gym.

Bukambibig: "Hi, can I know your number?"

4. MALDITA - baklang nakakaimbiyerna, masyadong nagmamaganda kahit na mukhang pwet ng baso ang mukha. Madalas mataray, parang laging nireregla. Masyado ring insecure ang maldita sa mga magagandang babae.

Bukambibig: "Che! Lumayas ka sa harapan ko. Sinisira mo araw ko! Bruha ka!"

5. SPICE GAY - baklang elite, socialite, laging nasa mall, starbucks, at madalas gumimik sa Malate. Kadalasan maiingay ang mga spice gays. Madalas binubuo sila ng 3-5 sa isang grupo. Madalas itong naka-wheels at mga branded ang sinusuot na damit. Madalas rin silang may shades na suot-suot. Sa pananamit naman, mahahalata mo rin na bakla sila dahil mas kikay pa sila kaysa sa mga babae. Pero hindi sila nagdadamit ng obvious na pambabaeng damit. To add, medyo mayabang rin ang mga spice gays.

Bukambibig: "You know, I bought this bag from Italy. It’s Gucci and it is very expensive."

6. SANTA CLARA - baklang may magandang determinasyon. Siya yung relihiyoso. Madalas siyang nagiging katekista, minsan pumapasok sa seminaryo upang maging pari. Hindi gaanong lumalabas ng bahay dahil parating nagdarasal upang layuan siya ng tukso. Madalas siyang active sa charity works at novenas. Kaunti lamang ang mga Santa Clara pero sila ang mga baklang huwaran.

Bukambibig: "Diyos ko, tulungan mo po akong lumayo sa kahit anumang tukso. Amen."

7. BUD-WISER - hindi ito pangalan ng alak o beer, another type ito ng gays. Ito yung baklang hindi madaling maloko ng mga lalaki kahit guwapo pa siya. Masyadong masinop sa pera at pessimistic with regards to men. Kadalasan siya yung nagtatagumpay sa buhay. Minsan mas pipiliin pa niyang mag-asawa ng girl kahit na diring-diri siya kaysa kuwartahan ng lalaki. Kaya siya nag-aasawa ng girl dahil para hindi siya makuwartahan nito.

Bukambibig: "Manloloko silang lahat!"

8. SANTA CLAUS-A - opposite ng BUD-WISER, ito yung baklang bigay-kaya - sa lalaki niya o sa mga kaibigan, kapamilya o kamag-anak niya. Madalas walang pera ang mga Santa Clausa. Sila ang mga baklang madaling maloko. Magastos rin ang mga ganitong type ng gays.

Bukambibig: "Anong gusto mo? Ibibigay ko ang lahat kahit wala na akong pera."

9. DETECTIVE CHUVA - baklitang daig pa ang isang detective kung subaybayan niya ang kanyang "special someone". Ika nga, stalker. Lahat ng tungkol sa kanyang crush e alam niya. Ni ultimo kung kailang ang birthday, kung ano ang favorite food, favorite movie, favorite hung-out, favorite blah-blah. Madalas siyang panakaw kung tumingin. Pasulyap-sulyap lang kuno pero pinagnanasaan na pala niya.

Bukambibig: "Mapapasaakin ka rin balang araw…"

10. HANDSOMMA (Pronounciation: hand-sa-ma) - gay na biniyayaan ng mukha. Heto yung mga tipong habulin ng babae. Minsan ang mga Handsomma ay closet gay, pilit na itinatago ang tunay na pagkatao. Sa panlabas, chickboy si Handsomma pero deep inside, lalaki ang gusto. Sayang ang kaguwapuhan ng mga ito at tiyak na ang laking panghihinayang ng mga babae.

Bukambibig: "Yuck, hindi tayo talo noh!"

11. ECLATUGZ - gay na mahilig tumagay. In short lassenggera este lassengero. Mahilig mag-aya ng inuman si Eclatugz lalo na kung ang aayain niya eh yung crush niya. Kunwari aayain ng Eclatugz ang kanyang crush sa isang inuman. Tapos pag nalasing na ang kawawang guy, patay siya! Tiyak pagpipistahan na siya ni Eclatugz.

Bukambibig: "Pare, inuman tayo! Minsan lang toh noh!"

12. MANIAC - uri ng gay na may maling determinasyon. Ito yung mga maniacs o mapang-nasa sa kapwa lalaki. Siya yung tipo ng gay na gagawin ang lahat para lamang masatisfy sa kanyang carnal hunger. Madalas ay pedophile or maaaring hustler ang maniac.

Bukambibig: "Sa akin ka lang! Sa akin ka lang kung ayaw mong mamatay!"

Thursday, November 17, 2011

ideal type

hmmm. after 2 days of working out, i thought that i should have a goal. as my instructor told me, numeric goals (ideal weight and time frame) are more practical. so i went home last tuesday with this in mind. what is my goal???? what do i want to achieve???

for the time frame, that is quite easy. i should reach my goal before our family reunion this december end. very near. it is a month from now. uhhhh... scary.

now the weight is more difficult. at 24.5 BMI, my weight is normal to my height. but it's in the upper category-- overweight starts at 25 BMI. i then searched the net for a goal. browsed... browsed... but the answer came from old emails. spare me from your questions about the email contents please. and right there and then it became my phone wallpaper. i just had to see it everyday to remind me of my goal. thank you very much to the anonymous who shared this picture in my mailbox.

satisfied with my find, i shared it to my colleagues the day after. they said the body was great, but they don't want me to be like that. it won't fit me they said. well, who can blame them? me and the picture/wallpaper are complete opposites. i've always been this lovable creature but the damn wallpaper was oozing with sexiness hot. as in HOT!!! definitely my type... hmmm... ideal body type. wait that might sound something else. i want to have that body... hmmm... that still sounds wrong. wahahahaha.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

gym virgin no more

at 152lbs last friday, i started going to the gym. i'm not even sure how i landed at 152, i always weigh more at home. plus, i just had a birthday bash till dawn from the previous day. but let's cut this before i drift further about the weight, this is my very first gym experience.

when the company offered, i just enrolled. i had no plans of being a regular or of even going to the gym. i was even hesitant because of the very limited free time i have. every working day is hectic and every weekend is sleep. but i enrolled nonetheless, all because of the low fee. at less than 400 a month for a year, that is a good enough catch right?

last nov 3, the gym services officially started. people went there right away and gave me some idea of what to expect. until finally i decided to go. good thing i had company. for if not, i would have postponed it till next day. i always hate first times. i am shy at first times. so there i went with them. the gym was quite spacious, i'm not quite sure if its the regular size though. as i've said, i am a virgin in gym-ing.

first thing they did was get my account. so i filled up the form and searched for my name in the attendance sheet to sign. to my surprise, the sheet was a total let down. my name had a horrible spelling--all vowels in my last name were wrong. i reported that to the staff. i hope they would change it.

like any other gym for sure the locker room was the place for changing clothes. the toilet and shower area was also in there. there were men chatting inside. they must be gym regulars for they seem to know each other well but don't seem to be workmates. gym buddies should i say. and like any men conversation, sex or anything related to it always comes in the picture. one said that his body is already getting in shape more and more. and one replied that he should be careful, the more he lifts weights the more his weeny will become smaller. that gave everyone a laugh, i secretly smiled of course. these guys might kill me if i'd do more. that was the very first lesson i got, be careful with the weights. i went out right after changing clothes.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

the other man

no other woman - top grosser in the philippines so far. who wouldn't want some sexy bodies in a quality drama? the sexy mistress and the sexy wife fighting over the sexy husband. that makes three sexy in one sentence.  gosh. hot scenes everywhere, what lucky women they were. wahahahha. plus the line were so amazing. this is an eye opener for those planning to be the other woman. be the other man instead. pak! here were my favorite scenes:

  • the barney bash fighting over barney bag
  • the dinner in the house of flying daggers (she was holding a knife for god's sake)
  • the pauper and the snake by the pool
  • the could have used ropes from damaged chairs to kill fight scene
  • and don't forget the mother goose teaching the chick scenes
amazing!!! truly deserves the honor.

praybeyt benjamin - is bound to equal or even surpass "no other woman". a good comedy about a gay man who sacrificed and got acceptance in return. this movie speaks for the minority and tries to kill prejudices. this should be an eye opener to all. everyone, with or without differences, can do great and even succeed. the comedy punch lines were well executed. "gwapo ka sana kung di ka lang naging pangit". laughed the hardest with that line. some of my favorite scenes were:
  • all scenes with the free tongued little sister
  • all imagination sequences with the platoon officer
  • the angry bird
and since filipinos love to laugh, this is a box office hit.

on these two movies, there were common factors.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

as the years go by

i can't help but wonder... ano kaya ang mangyayari kung naging kami?

wahahahha. wishful thinking lang naman, ano ba kayo. hayaan nyo na ako. kung bakit ba kasi ang torpe torpe ko. ni di ko nga magawang sabihin sa kanya what i'm feeling inside. di gaya ng iba dyan na kung meron mang nararamdaman ay raratsada na agad. hay nako. why is it so hard for me to do the same?

hanggang tingin na lang siguro ako. hanggang silip... hanggang imahenasyon... hanggang... oi over na 'to. baka anong sabihin ng iba dyan. wholesome po ako. kahit makita ko lang ang mga mata nyang nangbibighani habang iniisa-isa nyang hinuhubad ang suot nyang damit ok na sa akin yun. ooops. bweset na keyboard, kahit ano sinusulat. anyway, nakakatunaw kasi mga mata nya. ohhh your eyes your eyes uh uhm uh uhm... shining... (di alam ang lyrics, pasensya). at ang ngiti... bakit ba kasi ganito mga type ko? stop it! stop it!

kung naging kami siguro, buhay ang mundo ko. i'm not saying that it is dead now. i'm not even saying that it is not colorful. well, i think you could say that it would have been brighter and enjoyable. never monotonous. always fun. hmmm... baka magka anne curtis moment din ako, yes i enjoyed it and i'm sure the feeling is mutual.

teka teka, ang layo na nang narating ng utak pero zero sa reality. hay. ikaw naman tumingin sa akin o. kakapagod nang sumilip eh. kahit once lang tapos mag smile ka lang... kodak moment na. wahahahha. hintayin mo na lang ang pag-gigym ko. maaakit ka din ng mga muscles ko. wahahha. bola. at nanaginip na nga ng gising. tinuloy na talaga.

sige lang. libre lang naman mangarap. at ayaw ko din namang mang-agaw kung may nagmamay-ari na (cristine in purple, ikaw na nga). hay buhay. i-blow mo na ang candles mo at ng matigil na ang ilusyon. ay bibili pa pala ako ng cake. bye na muna.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

oh your eyes, your eyes...

life has become very much challenging for the past 2 months--it was very hard to breathe, to eat, to sleep, to rest. notice the date of the last entry and this one, it is very much far off. i have been complaining too much with this new schedule i'm in. i hope i get all the recognition i deserve for this.

but in those hardships you were there. and now i'm more confused. i have somehow gotten over this feeling for the past months, but then you are back. and i don't only see you in the corner now, i get to talk to you. which is great, but dangerous at the same time.

i don't want to entertain this at all, never. i don't want to to be in your queue list at all. it's not that i hate waiting (though i really do.) but this is taboo. things are not right specially with the circumstances now.

i know i'm attracted but i don't want this to get in the way. it already takes huge effort to talk to you, but i just have to. it is very uncomfy for me, i can't even look at you in the eye. what more if this feeling gets exposed...

i think it is your eyes... it is like those of puss-n-boots.

i think you have to wear shades all day long. if i don't see your eyes, i think i can survive. don't do those eyes to me. it melts my heart... and makes me confused... and stutter... and then blank... no more words... uttering nonsense... hope you don't notice that you are the reason for those.

and then you'll smile at my blabber. and i'm lost...

damn you!

so near yet so far, part 2.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

blog imports

finally i'm done with all my friendster blogs. i guess i'll need to check on each just to see if the font color is readable against my background. but basically, i'm done. my friendster blogs are:

while reading the entries, there were some bits and pieces missing. bits and pieces started with my friendster entries but then only the endings were in my blogger entries. that actually made sense because i also had a multiply blog. the multiply entries sort of, revealed the transition. i just found that out coz i read them again. somehow, a part of me was missing in this blog site. i'm not quite sure if you care but if you do, i'm in deep shit!!!

now here is the biggest issue. if possible, i would also like to import my multiply blog in here too to complete the picture. but unfortunately, this is quite hard. it seems that multiply does not have an exporter. multiply doesn't want me out. multiply wants to keep my missing pieces. waaaa... 53 entries in multiply is missing. well, not all necessarily unique--i have duplicates in both blogger and friendster. but i want them back.

help guys!!!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

you can dance

@title, not really me but they can. i've always been an avid fan of "so you think you can dance". i have watched the show from the first time i had internet. of course i don't live in the US and have never been there, but through the ever dependable internet i can still appreciate the beauty of dance.

the show has really grown in me. i can still recall the best performances i've seen. and seeing dancers with such power and emotions makes me wish i was a dancer myself. some cells in my body even think they can also do the tricks, but most of my brain don't. maybe it's time to take dance classes, it would be a great work out too. hmmm... it's not too late i guess. hmm... suggestions people...

the 8th season of the show has just started and even from auditions, 2 dancers caught my attention. surprisingly, i just learned that they were both filipinos. yehey!!! philippines represented!! woot woot!!! if they can dance, hmmm then maybe i too can. i wonder...
i now follow both in twitter. and i even got a reply.

fritz jimenez
 well at least you know some. so that makes 2 Flips in the show this season. you and  were both standouts even in auditions

tadd gadduang and marko germar, god bless to both of you! (click on the names for their twitter accounts.) hope you too can support them in their quest.

now i leave you with a standout performance from the first episode. it's the best for me in that night. this features marko!!! woot woot!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


do not be surprised for a sudden grow in entries. no you are not dreaming and this is no fantasy--as if you would really notice but just in case you do. i have successfully imported my friendster blog entries here. yehey! hurrah!!! shoutout to @jp (click the name to reach his blog).

so now, i will be busy sorting things out. the entries have to retain their original posted form but still i have to read each just to be content sure. here are the things to note before you read them:

  • these entries were written 5 years ago. as such, they will obviously be posted in the oldest parts of this blog.
  • all friendster entries have numbers or anything related to numbers in their titles. as to why, i really don't know (reminiscent of that shampoo commercial huh. wahihihi). i am not sure what i was thinking back then but at least it is convenient now.
  • since they were written 5 years back, writing style must have also been different. grammar and spelling goes with it. (a disclaimer sort of for you guys who might pick on me for it. wahahaha)
  • there are a total of 58 entries. these will be published from first to last one after the other. i still have to read each entry before posting.
  • do not ask me how the picture below is related to this entry. it has no relation at all. i just want to post it in here. :D
now the ground rules are set. hurrah to my old entries!!!

and they all start here. enjoy!!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


before facebook, there was friendster. was an avid friendster user and was a frequent friendster blog writer. but everything must come to an end. my friendster activities lessened when i joined multiply... dwindled when i started blogger... and completely died when i opened facebook. so when i heard of the impending site closure, it was never a shock.

friendster has had its days. of course it did. it was the eye-opener of my social networking hobby and the first to receive my unedited words. what i immediately tried to save were the photos and my blog entries. unfortunately, the latter is still very hard to do. i have tried the exporter for 7 times now and still i can't retrieve my blog. i would be very happy if someone can help me with this.

my very first blog entry was dated september of 2006. never have i imagined to be blogging for 5 years now. and knowing me, surely i have written just about anything--driven by intense emotions mostly. 61 entries all in all, that is more than expected. so again, please please please cooperate friendster! give me back my words, i want them back.

afterword: and i thought friendster would quit by end of may. but isn't it june already? maybe it is waiting for me to retrieve my file.

update: just a day after my post, i immediately received a response on how to retrieve friendster blog. well i still have to try it. thanks @jp. please visit the site in here.

update2: it worked!

Monday, June 13, 2011

double standards

for people like me who has unhealthy scalp, salon experts recommend scalp treatment. of course, i took it. i am still too young to be bald. i don't want to be bald yet. though it is in my genes, i don't want it to happen now. no no no... gosh, back to the topic.

so one day i went to "tony and jackey" to get the scalp treatment. it was a nice salon with good service. but hairdressers were all koreans. i have no complaints on koreans, don't get me wrong. they cut hair well and have an out of this world style. but i do feel a little frustrated that filipinos now hire koreans to style their hair in the philippines. hmmm... but i still support the salon. i am such a hypocrite.

the salon has filipino assistants attending to the desires of the korean hairdressers. the korean hairdressers only cut the hair and guide the assistant on all the procedures needed. so there i went at around 11am to have my treatment. the assistant shampooed my hair and then applied the treatment, heated it up via a bubble shaped heating machine, and then shampooed again, and finally dried it up ready for cutting. it was around lunch time when the hairdresser finally got to me.

i just asked her to trim my hair shorter. she cut my hair as expected. massaged a little as expected. but then, she continued the treatment (this should have been done by the assistant), massaged my head some more, massaged my face, massaged my neck and then my back. it was enough to ask, do they also offer body massages in here? it was a super nice experience but it was not the usual. i've had 4 treatments before in the same salon but it was not like this. it was so good to the point that i thought bad of the korean stylist. it seemed that a good service was only made because she was asking for a "tip". she even waited by the doorway after i paid as if waiting for the "tip".

but my double standards surfaced. i paid the amount and "tipped" the filipino assistant, but not the korean hairdresser. most of the huge sum i paid would surely go to the hairdresser and the assistant would only get a small portion of it. i pity the filipino assistant and i would rather give more to her than to anyone else. call it double standards but i don't want to receive good service just to get a "tip". why won't they treat all customers the same? do i smell of money? does my face spell money? i don't like that. good service should be for all.

now, just for the benefit of the doubt, maybe she fancies me. i don't look bad, so maybe i am here type. too bad she isn't mine, i have higher standards. wahahahha.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

minutes of silence

because of recent happenings, i have been questioning myself lately. for sure it was not intentional nor the circumstance called for it, but a eureka popped up. err... not really a eureka: a eureka is more of a realization/finding of something. this one was more on the negative.

was what i did enough? was i worth it?

it hit me hard, leading to self doubt. why were there so many loopholes if i did right? gosh... i really thought hard. and the more i think about it, the more it bugged me, and the more it brought me down to the pits of hell. i just tried to keep my pride but deep inside i was about to burst into tears. i tried to justify with myself... who was to blame for this???? who had the bigger fault???? but all fingers pointed to me. ouch!

24 minutes passed and all is history.

why would i dwell on what has happened? all i have to do was think of ways on how to do it better than think deep of how to put less blame on me. from the eternal abyss of hell, my spirit was lifted to the peak of mt olympus. energized. ready to face the battles head on. you just wait a little and you will be crushed, speck of dust.

lesson of my story:
haller!!! take life easy oi! how will we be successful if we haven't tried failures? and how will we improve if we haven't questioned our worth? but don't dwell on the failures and questions na lang permi hap. OA ra sad ning uban na di na lang mulihok kay sayop lang daw permi. ewww!!! that will never ever ever happen to me.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

the trial post

due to unforeseen company policies, blogspot is now blocked in favor of twitter. i don't really have any complaints though since i am using both. but honestly, there are a lot more information you can get from blogspot. i guess it's marketing strategy.

and this is the result, i enabled the mail posting.

so fresh, so young... my virginity ends now. for this feature, that is.

peace out

Sunday, April 10, 2011



at this very moment last year, i was preparing for departure back home.
had a big echo karaoke session till a little past midnight.
spent my last remaining days in the company of friends.
so nostalgic...

japan has been good to me.
it gave me lots.

tomorrow is my anniversary.
anniversary for my return to the philippines.

somehow, i wonder.
will i ever be back in the land of the rising sun?
and if i will be, what new wall shall i break?
japan allowed me to break some shell i hid myself in.
it is easier to do that when you are away from the prying eyes of most people you know.

somehow, i think.
are the bonds i shared with friends left back there strong enough to withstand time?
i really hope they are.
for if not for them, i couldn't imagine what misery i could have experienced.

i couldn't be thankful enough for the whole package.
for the whole 2 years and 3 months stay, i would still opt for the same ride when asked now.
that chapter of my life has closed and a new chapter has been written.
but chapters can be revisited and even relived.
and revisiting memories is what i am doing now.

happy 1 year stay back home!

below are the recollections of a past that will never be forgotten.

first time in onsen (hot spring bath)
first time watching live baseball
first ski experience
first time seeing japanese emperor live
enjoyed the beach and realized those at home were better
and was it love?!? i don't know
first fishing trip ever. caught lots of fish including seastars
first major trip (aquarium-strawberry-boat)
first hanami
first time away far away on our own (hachijoujima)
climbed mt fuji (first mountain climbed)
in a huge philippine crowd
went hanabi in a yukata
first day road trip (nanadaro)
and first night bus
first in a sunflower field
and first time to a bbq party
how high can they jump
and how good the nights can be
how great colleagues i got
and how great scarfs i have :P
even tried ice skating
or rather ice walking
with the golden leaves of fall
and the magic of izu
went down south to kyoto
and nara, osaka and kobe
even tried betting on a horse
and overnight drills to boot
saw big things
and jdrama landmark of ebisu
and buddha himself in kamakura
first hanabi in tachikawa
even frequented ginza though never for shopping
frequented aquariums
and dolphins
lady liberty in odaiba
and the great imperial palace
the ever lovely sakura
and the fast subways
and even faster rides
reached the tokyo tower
and these neon lights
the nonstop karaoke sessions
and the surprise of snow
will always keep me wanting for more, more of my exciting, powerful future

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