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Monday, March 26, 2012

the art of breaking up

when things get tough, what do you usually do? when things don't go the way you planned, how do you usually react? when relationships get sour, how do you spice it up?

i don't know what i'll do if it were me. i'd probably fight back. i'd probably try to save everything. i'd probably search for what i could have done better. i'd probably act on them and regain what i once had. i'd probably face reality and not try to hide from it. no more drama. this is war.

but, it isn't my story. it is not about me. but if it were true, good thing no one cried. if it were true, the timing is so perfect it seemed not real. the curse of being away must really be true, i was a victim too.

i can't help but wonder, what went wrong? but i'm never gonna ask; let things unfold as i witness them. here comes the denial stage. go things! unfold some more.

Sunday, March 11, 2012


and who would have thought this is how the pieces would fit?

i started blogging way back friendster time. and then i blogged in multiply. and finally here in blogspot. friendster closed so i imported all my entries to here. but i still haven't figured out how to import my entries from multiply.

i usually write when i am bothered by something: pushed by emotions i felt. this explains most of the outburst entries in this blog. i haven't cared who my readers were; i only wrote my feelings. i was confident that no one would read this blog but unfortunately, people did.

i am thankful that people are appreciating this minimal blog but people from work have started reading as well. and that makes it scary. i was expecting a few to read but not that much. i also have already forgotten what i wrote; which makes it even more scary. wahahahha. goodbye to my small reputation. wahihihihi.

now, how do i proceed from here? hmmmm... just carry on. just for a bit i forgot that a blog is never private so until this much is expected. news do travel faster by mouth. to my reader's, avid or not, just keep the entries to yourself OK. OK! if i only knew who of my colleagues read this then it would be easier to hunt them down. wahahahha.

ps: now that i'm back in japan, i might talk more of japan. and who would have thought that i would someday be wearing a suit for work? it is not a daily thing though but it happens weekly. i still have to practice much with the necktie. if only ancient people didn't invent this troublesome piece of cloth then i would have been happier. wahihihihi. my boss himself taught me how to tie; so troublesome of me.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

closing another chapter

who would have thought that i will be back in japan? who would have thought this day would come? i certainly didn't. and i am damn proud of my self and honored to be chosen. and yes, i will do my best to pay back this faith received. but unfortunately though, i have left a great crowd back home.

it was one eventful january when i first signed a contract. who would have thought that this could lead me to such a joyous group. i will surely miss our nihongo sessions. though it was short but it is also one of my happiest. 4 hours of spending time together everyday surely made its mark. 5 names surely have a spot. happy breathing in and breathing out guys. keep your voices loud even without me.

around the second half of last year was a momentous event. it was the start of a horrible time but filled with laughter as well. i can attest that when people undergo the same hardships and struggles together, they grow stronger and bond closer. for together we faced a great wave and together we survived. move forward team ganesha!

and who would forget my beloved. they come and go but i stayed. as one of the founding members of such a great time, i now turn over my crown. i cannot be thankful enough for such a great learning journey. it is with shinsei that i grew, slimmed down, rose up, had heartaches, and lived my life. i will never become the me i am today if not for this project. to all shinsei members, you always have a special place in my system. wahihihhihi. may you also learn as much, if not more, than i did.

now enough of this drama.

hello japan!

hello new project!

hello new team!

this will surely be one hell of a ride and i will never back out of this. head on collision they say... the challenge may be tough but i am tougher. bwahahahahha.

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