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Friday, April 27, 2012

while riding the train... or rather, while going home

what can you write, or blog while inside the train?

one day i asked myself this question. i was actually planning to cheat, i tried to start while still in the office. and then i refrained by deciding to start writing while waiting for the train. waaaah. a complete failure.

i certainly cannot write while walking. and certainly not while running trying to catch my train ride. my train arrived right away completely failing my plan.

so here i am inside, sitting comfortably... or was i? my seatmate was really big, i can't hardly move my left shoulder. but still i've got to try or this experiment would fail.

wow... 3 stations have passed and yet i am still searching for the memo, or the notepad. this really sucks. i cannot find a medium to write in.

finally found notes and started writing the first few paragraphs (or rather sentences) and then i have to transfer trains. wow. how long can i keep up with this?

and here i am standing inside (don't i have any new words to use?). nowhere to sit now but yet writing frantically my thoughts. can i finish or not? hmmmmm.

good grief! notes is full. so new page it is then....

it seems that the longer i write, the more hindrance comes. and i need to transfer trains again.

this is insane. i am cheating. writing while waiting for the train  to arrive is definitely not part of the plan.
and here i am now. just arrived at my last stop and yet is still writing. hmmmm. 1sentence while riding the escalator. another 1 while getting out of the station gate.... maybe i should just change my aim, this is no longer a blog while riding the train. this is a blog while going home!!!!

ooopz this is scary, writing while crossing the street. if i stumble, this is not a good enough reason. very shameful.

inside the elevator now. and planning not to get out just so i can finish this sentence. insane!

and i just asked "why are you cooking?".

this is ridiculous.

last part. and here is the end. i am home.

time for a picture.

(ba't ba kasi rotated 'tong picture na to???? ang hirap naman.... paano ba to irotate?)

(while reading back, this post is totally nonsense. i am very sorry for your time wasted. :D)

Saturday, April 14, 2012

20 crazy facts about sex

well these certainly did not come from me. i haven't had any experience on this matter. but as they said, these are facts. and don't get me wrong, japan did not make me a pervert (i already am ever since). what a nice entry for a comeback. bwahahahaha. hope this does not get me banned.

WARNING: this is not for the faint of heart.

WARNING: you have been warned earlier so do not complain.

WARNING: i also don't know if these are real facts. bwahahahha. what a careless blogger i am.

I'm just joking, these are pretty harmless. wahahahha

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