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Monday, July 30, 2012


i watched a rather interesting film last night and i would like to share it with you guys. pardon for my naivety; i do not watch movies for their cinematography nor any other technical aspects (i do admit that costume and set sometimes triggers me to watch movies). but i watch movies either because i am intrigued by the movie (plot included), the actors look great (contributes around 70% for less advertised movies), there is some fun involved (that includes either comedy or hot seduction), or any mix of the above. that is how unreliable i am.

here is my write-up for Romeos, a 2011 German film.

let me start by saying that the movie was really something. it started with a man, Lukas (rick okon), who just moved to Cologne and was accidentally assigned to the female dormitories. well at least that was what it seemed to me initially. the first scene was awkward with Lukas entering the toilet examining himself in the mirror and then suddenly a woman with towel wrapped around her body(obviously from the shower) came in view. she then screamed her lungs out.

good thing for Lukas though, he was allowed to stay in the dorm and at least he had a friend, Ine (pronounced as Ina), who apparently knew him way back ages. Ine was good enough to show him around and invited him to a party. One thing i noticed though was how uncomfortable Lukas was, to the point that he acted vain. He exercised a lot, measured every portion of his body after, and consults the mirror many times before they went out. i am a bit vain but this guy makes me look modest.

this is where we find out that Ine is a lesbian, that they are going out with 3 others who are also homosexuals, and that they are going to an lgbt party. interesting! the car owner, Fabio (maximilian befort), was a hot one and Lukas fell for him when he saw dance. what Lukas lacked in manliness, Fabio had more and exudes much more with hotness. scorching hot! interesting enough, Lukas took a pee and took out a rubbery dick and sat down the toilet seat. hmmm. what the f*#k is happening?

Lukas is a transvestite transgender, from Female to Male. He still had boobs (and they showed him with boobies in the film) and still had vajayjay. ahhh... this explains why he was assigned in the female dormitories, why he was so vain (first time going out as a male), why he was so packed up (he had to cover his boobs), why he had a rubber dick (because he didn't have any to show some bulge).

weirdly though, he had to become a male to fall for Fabio, the hot tamale bodied scorching with sexiness being. Fabio was into him as well i can tell, though he was a known playboy; they went around chasing each other, had flirtatious eye contacts, had great skinship by the beach. but then, how will they move on? Lukas can't even show some skin while sunbathing, he is afraid that Fabio might touch some parts not that of a man, he loves(i guess it is love) him but he had to reveal who he really is and Fabio for sure wouldn't like it. this is the dilemma! but that was right away answered when his family visited him and his younger sister blurted the truth out while his beloved Fabio was there. poof! bye bye love interest.

what is interesting though (how many times have i used interesting already???), was that Fabio was still always visible in his life. though Fabio bluntly said that he do not want to engage with a transvestite transgender,  but he was also popping up in Lukas' life always. Flirtatious! no matter how repulsive Fabio talks but his actions showed differently. same goes to Lukas, saying that we doesn't want to get involved with Fabio but always glances towards him. it was always like that until finally they both gave in to their feelings and had a romantic sex (of course we are not allowed to see it). the ending was up for your own interpretation though; it ended with Lukas being filmed while enjoying the beach. no more boobies this time. well, i chose the happy ending with him and Fabio still together. :)

the movie taught me 3 things. love is universal. no matter how complicated your situation is, when love hits you, it hits you. Lukas was a trans from F-to-M so i guess he was lesbian at first but in the end, he fell for a man. hmmm... he had to become a man to be with a man?!?!?! that makes him a gay lesbian. look at how complicated that is. of course you also have to be yourself when it comes to love. how do you love someone, if you don't show who you are? it would only be pretensions and nothing else. skin-deep should i say. once the very core of the secret comes out, then everything shatters. 3rd and lastly, how hot can a german boy be (he looks a bit mexican to me but he is still from germany)?

enjoy the movie and share me your feelings.


  1. The term is Transgender not transvestite, honey. But overall, interesting review.

  2. yeah you are right. and i was really searching for the right term when i wrote this. thanks :) updated

  3. Maybe I can explain this a bit: Lukas is not a "gay lesbian". He's a guy with a girl's body, and he likes guys. People who transition (this means taking hormones and undergoing surgeries to look more like their gender) don't have to have any specific sexual orientation.
    Anyway, I liked your review!


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