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Monday, August 24, 2009

mt. fuji -- the great escapade 1/2

it was but a plan, and i got excited by it. but as the time drew closer, the excitement became fear... there were just so many bad news... but after everything, it was an achievement for sure...

so many problems on the week before the plan. it's as if fate was telling us not to go. could you believe that i rendered around 20 hours of over time on that week???? our boss was also apprehensive on it. we have mentioned about the plan way earlier but he was fine. of course, many things are still bound to happen. and knowing us, we cancel almost all the trips we have planned. it dawned on him that the plan will push through only when we started borrowing stuff. i am not quite sure though on which he was more concerned on: was he seriously concerned on our well-being or was he thinking only of the fact that no one will be bringing in the money if something bad happens... i just hope it is the first... but with the words that transpired, one can easily judge it is the latter. it also seems that he doesn't believe in us. this only fueled more my determination to succeed.

just right before the dreaded day, there were outstanding number of calls. trouble came after trouble but nothing can stop us. i have jogged for months as training and i don't want to put that to waste. but something inside me was scared, what if fate was really trying to stop us??? at that night, we enjoyed our lives. we watched a movie (GI Joe) and dined out. we even drank wine. it seemed like the "last" supper. but i know it won't be... we went home unsure of the future but with burning competitive spirits... (ows....)

morning was great. with only 5 hours of sleep, off we went to the bus stop to meet the others. oh, i'm still too sleepy: we had a dress rehearsal last night before sleeping at 2am. the bus was incredibly fun, but i just has to sleep. i woke up and it was foggy. and so cold.. at 12noon.

then it went clear...

and foggy once more...

so off we went at 2pm. no turning back.


...2,305 METERS ABOVE SEA LEVEL. August 15th, 2009...

Monday, August 10, 2009

the sin

had some time alone last saturday. all of my housemates went somewhere. they are all busy with their lives which is like the opposite of mine. the house is so empty... and so silent... and so empty... and so silent... this is driving me crazy.

i browsed for my daily dose of asian stuff. i even watched live feeds for some show airing somewhere. good way to kill time.. great music. hmmm. good music for working out. out of the blue, i did some floor exercises to flatten this bulging tummy. that was fun and hard. great way to sweat it out. ohhh, the show ended and the house felt empty... and silent...

out of the blue, i played "hiphop abs". and after two 40-minute sessions, waaaah.. these routines are killing me. its fun grooving it out, but you feel the burn all over. why are my arms in pain when the program is called "hiphop abs"???? owwww.. this is too much. but i would love to do this again some other time. i just need to eat dinner though.

so out i went, ate dinner and strolled. as i wondered, i wandered... i thought of stuff i normally don't think of. and then i'm far away from home. i guess thinking is bad for me. the more i think, the more i get lost (pun intended). i think too much thinking is bad but yet, i was thinking even with that statement.

my housemates have gone out too long now so i called up only to find out that they went clubbing. owkey... i didn't even know about that. at least they should have invited me. but then i still would have declined. but still, there is a big difference right?

yesterday, sunday we all went to kawasaki to buy things for our fuji mountain climbing expedition. i bought a thicker winter jacket just because it was in the news that someone died from freezing in fuji. i just don't wanna die yet so i'd rather be prepared. much to my surprise, i think i would not die from climbing a mountain but rather from over eating. we had a buffet for lunch and another one for dinner. it is very hard to even laugh nor bend down to get things from the floor.

then there was a long earthquake. maybe it is a sign from above that i've eaten much and should leave right away. but no.... the earthquake didn't stop us from eating more. oh my. all the calories i burned the day before were replenished in 8 folds. oh my...

gluttony kills...

Sunday, August 2, 2009


i am not that active in whatever talk is happening at home. i know that i am somehow at fault in that. i failed to have have conversations lately. who would want to engage in talks about boasting and stuff? i can't do that. i don't have anything to boast. so i'd rather stay out.

there are times where i feel so alone even when i am at home in the midst of my housemates. i know that everyone has secrets, i too have lots. but when all knows about it except me, i can't help but wonder why. don't they trust me?

last night, they went out. they invited my roommate to go with them. but they never mentioned anything to me. they never asked me if i'd like to come with them. they only hid behind the door and whispered to the other. they even forced him to come with them. but never said anything to me. somehow i was affected by that. but i didn't mind it much.

today after coming back from the cinema, they were frolicking on the way back. people who don't know them would surely think they are lovers. it is just too much; looks more like flirting. there is nothing wrong though because both are singles but please please tell me if you have something. i certainly don't like to look odd, i don't like to interfere and even witness your flirtatious acts. and now, they are all outside talking of something they don't want me to know. they even closed the door of my room. it seems like i'm an outsider trapped inside the room inside the house. an outsider that no one even bothers.

it looks like they would only care if they need something from me.

push me back to my shell some more.

i guess i'm just getting too emotional over something irrelevant.

i better sleep now, i don't want to hear the lame jokes outside.

hope i'll get better tomorrow...

i'm not even sure if i'm making sense.

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