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Sunday, April 10, 2011



at this very moment last year, i was preparing for departure back home.
had a big echo karaoke session till a little past midnight.
spent my last remaining days in the company of friends.
so nostalgic...

japan has been good to me.
it gave me lots.

tomorrow is my anniversary.
anniversary for my return to the philippines.

somehow, i wonder.
will i ever be back in the land of the rising sun?
and if i will be, what new wall shall i break?
japan allowed me to break some shell i hid myself in.
it is easier to do that when you are away from the prying eyes of most people you know.

somehow, i think.
are the bonds i shared with friends left back there strong enough to withstand time?
i really hope they are.
for if not for them, i couldn't imagine what misery i could have experienced.

i couldn't be thankful enough for the whole package.
for the whole 2 years and 3 months stay, i would still opt for the same ride when asked now.
that chapter of my life has closed and a new chapter has been written.
but chapters can be revisited and even relived.
and revisiting memories is what i am doing now.

happy 1 year stay back home!

below are the recollections of a past that will never be forgotten.

first time in onsen (hot spring bath)
first time watching live baseball
first ski experience
first time seeing japanese emperor live
enjoyed the beach and realized those at home were better
and was it love?!? i don't know
first fishing trip ever. caught lots of fish including seastars
first major trip (aquarium-strawberry-boat)
first hanami
first time away far away on our own (hachijoujima)
climbed mt fuji (first mountain climbed)
in a huge philippine crowd
went hanabi in a yukata
first day road trip (nanadaro)
and first night bus
first in a sunflower field
and first time to a bbq party
how high can they jump
and how good the nights can be
how great colleagues i got
and how great scarfs i have :P
even tried ice skating
or rather ice walking
with the golden leaves of fall
and the magic of izu
went down south to kyoto
and nara, osaka and kobe
even tried betting on a horse
and overnight drills to boot
saw big things
and jdrama landmark of ebisu
and buddha himself in kamakura
first hanabi in tachikawa
even frequented ginza though never for shopping
frequented aquariums
and dolphins
lady liberty in odaiba
and the great imperial palace
the ever lovely sakura
and the fast subways
and even faster rides
reached the tokyo tower
and these neon lights
the nonstop karaoke sessions
and the surprise of snow
will always keep me wanting for more, more of my exciting, powerful future

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