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Monday, January 31, 2011

so near yet so far

i was just curious at first.
you looked fine, nothing special.
but there was this air of mystery around you.

and then i started seeing you everyday.
with this few people around, how can i not see everyone?
and i saw you looking back at me a couple of times as well.
it probably was just an innocent stare.
what reason would you have to look at me like that?
none. but it was too late for now i saw your eyes and i was mesmerized.

with every moment that passes by, i can't help but search for you.
and you were just there, emotionless. uncaring.
is that a mask you're wearing?

i looked at you everyday, thinking what new facial emotion you would show.
i saw a smirk, that was great.
i saw a smile, ok you also know how to smile.
i saw you look amused. it was perfect.

the more i see you, the more i want to know you more.
the more i stare, the more i giggle inside.
and smile thinking of what if's.
is this what they call a crush???

but i have to keep my cool, i don't want to start a scandal.
it's just a simple crush and nothing else.

so help me god.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

baha sa dalan

alas otso beynte kwatro na
aw, nakaligo na man sad ko ba.
di na ko ganahan maligo usab oi!
busa ikaw uwan, hunungi na.

maghinay-hinay na lang sa ko
layo-layo pa bitaw ang oras no.
maghuwat lang sa ko na motuang-tuang
kay sa mabasa, magkasakit pa lang.

ug sa dihang nikusog man hinuon ug maayo
sure mo'ng uwan pa ni ug dili bagyo?
ang among balay mura na ug castilyo
gipalibutan ug tubig, lalom pa gyud kaayo.

akong mama naglibog ko'g nganong pwerting lingawa
wa ko nahimutang oi, ako gyung gipangutana.
ang dalan lagi daw sa atubangan, matud niya
murag sapa nga sulog pwerte pa gyung hugawa.

sa pagka alas onse y medya, hala sige larga.
niundang na ang uwan ug ang tubig ninghunas na,
akong sapatos dili na mulangoy parehas ganiha.
adto na gyud ko sa trabaho, sa taman makigchika.

hala! alas dose na lang wala pa ko kasakay da.
ang mga taxi na walay sakay asa na man kaha?
sa eskina sudlon, agi na kamo intawon
gikapoy na ko ug tindog, kapoy na ug huwat manong.

hay salamat ug nakasakay na ko finally.
nakalingkod na akong lubot, dukaon na ko ani.
bang! pagka traffic. kahinay sa dagan.
akong gihunahunang laag gamay, napapas, nahawan.

baha ngadto baha ngari, sure mong sugbo ni?
pagkatoytoy ba gud diay sa canal ani.
ang tax nakong gibayran ba, asa diay napunta?
hinaot unta dili ra sa mga politikanhong bulsa.

kinse, beynte, trenta minutos na...
pagkalayo pa sa padulngan, pagkadugay ba.
ikapila na nagheadbang akong ulo sa kaduka
kanusa man ni maabot oi? piskot na baha.

ang taxi kong gisakyan sa pagpatak nagsige lang
pwerte na ganing lapasa sa bayranang naandan.
hoi! pasutoya mi'g agi ang dalan hawani
basin sa kwarta ko sensilyo lang ang mahabilin niini.

maayo nalang tag30 pa ang akong nasakyan
naa ra ba toy plano na sa 40 patas-an.
asa ka na human sa usa ka oras na pagdagan
130 and nipatak ug akong nabayran.

pagkadimalas, pagkapait na lang.
nalate pa gyud ko sa giahak na uwan.
uwanon daw hasta summer ingon akong kauban
mag-andam na lang ko'g barko na sa baha masakyan.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

hachijojima 2009 sept, 21-23 day 2(the beach experience 2)

what a beautiful morning. i woke up with adventure in my head. we readied for the day and embraced the sun, off we went at 6:30am.

oh we had to climb down the woods once more but i heard no complaints. this must be the effect of the the cool, fresh air. we reached the main road finally. and it was deserted. nothing. complete calmness. we can have photo sessions for hours in the middle of the road. uhmm, how are we to reach our destination again?
oh my god! as i've mentioned, this is another unending travel... by foot!

first on the list, fureai bokujou near the peak of hachijou-fuji. all mountains seemed so easy to climb after the fuji expedition. we were initially told that we can hitch hike to the top but where are the damn cars? halfway there, we were still on foot. the long winding road was breathtaking though.

Friday, January 21, 2011


today, we are having the annual medical examination of our company. blood pressure, cbc test, urinalysis, eye exam, chest xray were taken. but what makes it different is the dreaded physical exam. well, its dreaded for us filipinos who are not used to being naked in front of people.

but what makes it even more exciting are the rumors around it.

legend: CM - Career Manager

jj b: ana...
jj b: pa hubo-on baya jud CM
jj b: bare naked
jj b: :))
jj b: ahaka lagi unexpected kau ,,,wa ko mag dahom
itz: yeah, bare naked gyud bitaw daw
itz: sige lang
itz: maayo gani kami ra sa doctor
itz: ug ang cam niya
itz: wahahahha

Thursday, January 13, 2011

2nd year

i just discovered that its been 2 years writing this blog. that long???? i never knew i could write that long. i started blogging in friendster and ended up losing my password. so there goes friendster down the drain. then i used multiply. hmmm... i don't use it that much now. and then ended up with blogspot.

ever since, bits and pieces of my life is written and documented. not necessarily to brag or anything good that happened, i even intended to keep this blog a secret. but i just wanted to keep a record. i totally enjoyed reading past entries on my friendster blog before it got lost. that is the only wish for keeping this blog. to laugh out at past experiences. i cannot forever keep my memory and pictures can not tell emotions. though i may still not show all emotions in my writing but at least i opened some.

in my 2 years, i wrote of travels, of highlights, most are just plain whining. but it is clear that i've learned. i will never be the same person i was before. acceptance -  it is my new year's resolution. i can't figure out how i came up with it but i've got to learn to accept things and lessen the whining.

i've got to learn to accept who i am. accept the me from the bald patches on my head, to the pimply face, to the stocky build i now have, to the quite unclear preferences. it's not that i will do nothing to improve me but i think it is only when you start to accept that you can think of better ways to improve yourself.

now is the start of a new chapter. i hope this one will be better and more colorful than the previous ones. hoping for the best.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


rode on a half full jeepney earlier and sat comfortably when it departed. and then it parked somewhere to get more passengers.

the jeepney got full easily. and then, a woman got on and squeezed herself to sit. she sat beside me. unfortunate... only half a butt cheek can sit, i thought. it must have been very uncomfortable. i too had to squeeze for her to sit more. i'm sure the other man had to squeeze his balls as well.

but then it was her choice. she knew that this would happen. she knew that if she stayed riding on, she would have a hell of a ride. and what does she expect from the people around her? don't expect sympathy, please. she knew that it's bound to happen.

and don't give me the lame "but i'm a woman" excuse. are you supposed to put yourself in uncompromising situations and act pathetic??? hello?!?!?! men too have rights, please don't stomp on them.

hachijojima 2009 sept, 21-23 day 1(the beach experience 2)

this one was actually not a beach experience per se but more like an island escapade.

hachijojima is an island in the pacific about 300 kilometers down south from tokyo. though relatively far, it is still under tokyo government. now what have gotten into our minds to even go there? i don't know really, but it sure was fun and lots of exercise. wahahha.
we rode on a ferry from tokyo on the 20th night time. surprisingly, the ferry was quite stable; i would hesitate riding one in the philippines especially if it takes this long. the whole trip took around 12 hours with a sore butt. it was broad daylight when we reached the island. no complaints though; the air was fresh.

Friday, January 7, 2011

scorpio for 2011

let us start the year with predictions. hmm...

according to yahoo, this is what is coming for 2011.

Year 2011 Career

Biting off more than you can chew is a potential job hazard by the second half of 2011. And you thought you knew what busy was -- just wait until you experience May's ambush. The catch is that each and every new opportunity will be impossible to pass up because of the challenge and thrill involved. There's nothing dull or ordinary in the work you'll encounter but with so many new elements involved you could easily be getting in over your head. Expect your work to involve action and initiative.

Your biggest and most productive workflow transpires in the springtime, especially between April and May of 2011. During this whirlwind, be reminded to know and respect your limits. You are only human after all despite your voracious appetite for success. But the last thing you need is to hit total burnout or an imposed rest period brought on by your body forcing you to slow down. Pace yourself as you go, listen to your body's signals to regenerate, and you'll be just fine. You'll enjoy your work most and be at your creative, artistic best in April and August. You're busiest time with new work opportunities peaks in May and October.

Year 2011 Romantic

Love and passion continue to explode for Scorpios in 2011. This June shall bring the awesome benefits of luck: it will be working under the guise of Cupid shooting the love arrow straight through your heart of hearts. For the last six months of the year, you have the Midas touch when it comes to dating, mating and relating. Your chance of attracting a grounded, loyal and affectionate mate is doubled if not tripled. And the timing couldn't be more perfect considering how fabulous every other aspect of your life is at the moment. The union will be a bonus rather than fulfilling a hole in your life. You're more than ready for a steady and wonderful partnership to see you through life's storms. As independent and resourceful as you are, your longings for deep and lasting intimacy supersede any selfish inclinations.

Neptune, the planet of soulful unions and fairytale-worthy dalliances enters your romance sector this April. Although the initial transit only lasts until August for the first run, you'll at least glean a sneak peak into how the mystical influence of Neptune might affect your romantic and creative pursuits over the next 14 years. Don't be surprised if you're suddenly overwhelmed with a need to make art and love as if your very soul depended on it. Uniting your spiritual and artistic sides of your nature will become as natural and essential to your life force as breathing.

oh well, i've always been in love. wahahaha. self love, that is. wahihihi.

expect the unexpected then. set sail for romance and career. wahahaha.

peace out.

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