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Saturday, March 28, 2009


when i see something good, i can't help but appreciate them. when i see something funny, i can't help but laugh. i am not the type who hides my emotions when it comes to things i appreciate. though something that i don't agree of is another story.

now is it my fault if i blurt out what i feel???? is it my fault if i laugh that hard to the point that it is hard to stop???? what do you want me to do then, keep quite always and die of heart attack trying to keep the laughter inside???

you too have your own flaws you know. and i haven't shared that to anyone. i haven't complained anything about it. so stop looking like a saint to others. telling them that i go overboard if someone comments on my laughter. why can't you just stop at "i don't know why"??? why should you add more side comments??? do you know every situation i am at??? just zip that mouth like you always do. it is better to keep it that way than open it and let all the dark things come out. you have no good information to say anyway. you start to say things, and if we inquire about it, you keep it as a secret. what the hell is that??? why should you say things in the first place if you are hiding the details to yourself???

if i laugh out loud, and laugh out some more after, it is not because of your comments ok. your comments are never part of it. you are just full of yourself for thinking that way. if i do make comments on the show i'm watching then it must have really caught my attention. just like your drumming and humming loud when you listen to your music. same as your big laughs when watching things...

yes i do have my flaws, it is my fault that i comment out loud. i usually turn my headphones at great volumes and talking loud is a result of that. i am very sorry for that. but look at you... you speak to your girl on one laptop with your headphone and watch some show on the other laptop... in the wee hours of the night??? do i even complain about your big sounding farts????

blog entry finished in three minutes. go figure what i felt during this. 

and now i'm fine...

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