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Thursday, October 29, 2009


i never expected this post in the first place. i have 2 drafts waiting for final checking but those can wait.

i am an avid fan of dancing with the stars, i won't even deny that. so yesterday, i downloaded the latest episodes and started watching late night. the first one was smooth, enjoyed it so much. now moving on to the next, ooops... i can't play it. media player suggested a codec to install; so there goes the trusting me, naively downloaded and installed the codec.


surprise surprise... though i'm colorblind, i know what this means. rebooted and...



latest known good configuration and...


safe mode and...


WTF!!! if i have watched porn then these things are somehow a consequence, but i didn't... what pisses me off is the fact that this was a windows suggestion... double WTF!!! i should have just watched porn.

and now i told the world about it and guess what they said...
too much porn can cause laptops to behave erratically

i really should have just watched porn.

ps: i'm still in office so can't do much about it. got couple of ideas though...
ps x2: the commenter above doesn't want to be called "the world". "the world" is surely harsh asking me to throw away my laptop now. wahahaha...

Monday, October 12, 2009

the beach experience 1 (sarushima 2009-Sep-13)

this might be a little too late for beaches, summer has definitely passed. but right before autumn started, we had our beach escapades. funny thing is, we never went to the beach on the onset of summer. it was just that at one point we realized that it was getting colder and colder but we haven't enjoyed the sun yet. so on one fateful weekend, we packed for sarushima which literally translates to monkey island... wahahha.. monkeys are going to monkey island. great!!!

path from the port to the island

so we road the train and got off at some port. and then rode on a boat. this is scary. i never learned to swim so my natural tendency is to search where the floaters are at. who knows what might happen... the view of the island was just splendid. should have taken shots of it while far. i was excited to the brim.

so crowded

reaching the island took 15 minutes. to our surprise, it was crowded. there were lots of people enjoying barbecue on the beach. what i find amusing with how the japanese enjoy the sea is that they are fully clothed. only a few are dressed for the beach, this means few skin to see. wahihihi... most also stay in the shade and never go for a swim. it is like the beach is a place where they go for barbecues and alcohol but not for swimming. and when they get drunk, they throw people to the waters fully clothed. too bad if you were thrown with a wallet and cellphone in your pocket. what a waste...
people thrown to the sea fully clothed

another victim...

i sympathize with the owner...
selected few who were ready for the beach. :D

we acted like kids hungry for the sea. who wouldn't? we lived in an island known for beaches back home, cebu. so we dipped in and went crazy. i never wanted it to end but out there is the horizon, you can still see the city. it was like i was constantly reminded that this is but a short get-away; the busy work life will be back soon. ohhh... sooooooo bad...

a boat suddenly blocked the view. might as well take it.

we were in sarushima or monkey island, but where were the monkeys??? aside from the monkey-looking-and-acting people, i haven't seen real monkeys in there but i saw hawks instead. lots of hawks. this should be called hawk island instead. wait, do hawks eat monkeys? maybe they have eaten all of them. wahihihi...

too bad, all good things have to end. with heavy heart for leaving early, and heavy feet for enjoying too much, we rode the last boat trip back to the mainland. the view of the island is just great. i surely did enjoy my summer break.

this was the last boat since the supposed last boat got overcrowded that a new boat needs to get the others

wow... i hope life stays like this. but my job haunted me after a few hours. T.T

but before my job haunted me we had some pictures taken in the park across the island. somehow, we were not in the mood for posing. i greatly apologize. wahahahha...

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