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Thursday, April 2, 2009

the aftermath

i run on autopilot when i have nothing to do; it's like there is a switch somewhere in my brain which detects moments like that. first thing the autopilot in me does is to check for any updates in any blog i am following. as you have read in previous posts, i started blogging during a certain week and yeah, blogging has now become an essential part of me.

one after another, i read the titles and there was this "Goodbye" entry. It was weird so i kind of ignored it.

hours later when the autopilot ran once more, i found two more blogs with a weird feel. they were both short and vague but when i read down the comments, i got cold hands. my hands were normally cold but they were colder... the author of the "Goodbye" blog died on that day, they said. what the heck?!!!???!?! and it was kind of suggesting that it was a suicide... of all the things you can possibly think of dying, i think of suicide as the most saddening case... why in the world would someone choose to end his life just because he can't bear it anymore? i'm not in the position to judge but i find those people cowards...

immediately, i informed a friend to confirm on this. she too was shocked; i had to thaw her out of it and asked her to get more information first before getting frozen... and now there were three of us worried of the same thing. i was not really close with the said suicider but he was once part of this short life of mine. i can't help but feel down of the whole situation...

as the day turned to night, it all turned out to be an April fool's prank.

why would someone think of death as a prank??? i really don't get it. it was a very bad joke and i would never laugh on this one... sorry but i just can't see the supposed humor it was intended for.

have you heard of "the boy who cried wolf"? i recommend that to you all. 


  1. btaw fritz.. same here.. super bad joke

  2. bitaw.. hehe hi shi.. (if mobasa c shi...)

  3. hi pud.heehhee kung ako man gani nga shi g.mean ani..:D

    baw ko ug tan aw kinsa ni c blessielyl..c bula man diay ni.:D

  4. bitaw.....familiar ang "bitaw"??? lolz


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