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Sunday, September 16, 2007

48--- should i celebrate or what?

i woke up this morning to find out that my body is aching so badly. i must have really played hard badminton yesterday. i guess this is what happens if you don't get to move your muscles constantly. what do you expect from a programmer? we only move our fingers and out brains... move brain... move...

anyway, today is a sunday and good individuals like me (yup i'm good, no need to comment on that) celebrate mass (yes that's celebrate according to the priest long ago). and we were late so we have no place to sit. this is not unusual though since we always get late and most of the time it is my fault... yeah i am slow... yeah... i have many things to do ok.

during the communion we followed the queue patiently. there were only few people in front of us so it really wasn't that long a wait. now, two women started to make another queue beside us. now there are three lines. why can't they just fall in line? why do they have to make their own line? this really pissed me. why are they in a hurry? all of us will eat the host so why should they come up in front as if the hosts are not enough? gosh this really sucks... why are there people who doesn't follow simple common sense rules? if there is a queue, its common sense to fall in line at its tail. isn't that obvious enough?

things came into my head. if this happens in front of god, more so when its outside? these people are the murmurers of the society. all they do is complain but they themselves are not doing their part. if simple rules like this is easily broken, then more so are laws. i just can't imagine what is so important in having the host before others... why can't they just line up? they are really creating a fuss... the nerve of those women. they look educated enough but they certainly don't have discipline. it would have been better if they inserted and somewhat people on the line gave way to them but no they didn't... they made a separate queue...

let us be disciplined ok.... they surely took the road less traveled (referring to the poem) but that road leads down to hell.... rot in hell and never come back... (what a reaction.)

ps: i watched uaap cheerdance and hurray to the up pep squad for bringing home the bacon... i will surely take a bite... wahahahha...

ps2: i just realized that it has been a year since i started blogging... and the first of which was in friendster... hurray to friendster...

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