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Sunday, April 13, 2008

50.... rebirth

was it three or four months since i last wrote a blog entry???? i am struggling with this now. i don't know if i can keep up. i just have lots of things to do lately and i think it will be like that for a year.

well but I'm here now, what should i say? hmmm.... after the long break, lots of things have happened in my life. i don't know where to start.

well you might have already heard it but I'm saying it anyway, I'm in japan right now. yeah its true... it still seems like a dream to me up to this day. but after 4 months of waking up each day, I'm still here in japan. somehow, i am still thinking when this dream would end. when i think of it i cant think of any good reason why i was sent here. (too much humility in there huh.....). i knew of this plan long before but i never believed it.

the first time I've heard of it was kind of an accident. i went out for snacks and when i came back, i went directly to the room with our test machines since i was planning to test something out. to my surprise, the senior members of my team is having a meeting in there (huh uh...)  with a bod (double huh uh...) and is about to start. and there is no way to escape because they all saw me and invited me in. hey, what is this that I'm dragged into???? what is this about huh??!?!?!? tell me, tell me... i just smiled throughout the meeting with no idea in mind. in there i have learned that the bod is actually planning to send the attendees to japan (am i part of it???). they want us all to have an experience of japan and the way things operate in there. i never believed it back then since i was only a freshie, i hardly had a year of experience, i was never part of the original attendees of the meeting.... and come on... they are taking me to japan??? impossible... are they crazy???? what were they thinking??? i have no passport and i am bound to the Philippines by a scholarship.

but look at where i am now. the past is past. some impossibilities do happen. (i was about to write "and the rest is history" but nah.... its too cliche... but i still wrote it though...)

what has japan taught me so far? lots actually... ill tell of them in the future.

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