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Monday, June 13, 2011

double standards

for people like me who has unhealthy scalp, salon experts recommend scalp treatment. of course, i took it. i am still too young to be bald. i don't want to be bald yet. though it is in my genes, i don't want it to happen now. no no no... gosh, back to the topic.

so one day i went to "tony and jackey" to get the scalp treatment. it was a nice salon with good service. but hairdressers were all koreans. i have no complaints on koreans, don't get me wrong. they cut hair well and have an out of this world style. but i do feel a little frustrated that filipinos now hire koreans to style their hair in the philippines. hmmm... but i still support the salon. i am such a hypocrite.

the salon has filipino assistants attending to the desires of the korean hairdressers. the korean hairdressers only cut the hair and guide the assistant on all the procedures needed. so there i went at around 11am to have my treatment. the assistant shampooed my hair and then applied the treatment, heated it up via a bubble shaped heating machine, and then shampooed again, and finally dried it up ready for cutting. it was around lunch time when the hairdresser finally got to me.

i just asked her to trim my hair shorter. she cut my hair as expected. massaged a little as expected. but then, she continued the treatment (this should have been done by the assistant), massaged my head some more, massaged my face, massaged my neck and then my back. it was enough to ask, do they also offer body massages in here? it was a super nice experience but it was not the usual. i've had 4 treatments before in the same salon but it was not like this. it was so good to the point that i thought bad of the korean stylist. it seemed that a good service was only made because she was asking for a "tip". she even waited by the doorway after i paid as if waiting for the "tip".

but my double standards surfaced. i paid the amount and "tipped" the filipino assistant, but not the korean hairdresser. most of the huge sum i paid would surely go to the hairdresser and the assistant would only get a small portion of it. i pity the filipino assistant and i would rather give more to her than to anyone else. call it double standards but i don't want to receive good service just to get a "tip". why won't they treat all customers the same? do i smell of money? does my face spell money? i don't like that. good service should be for all.

now, just for the benefit of the doubt, maybe she fancies me. i don't look bad, so maybe i am here type. too bad she isn't mine, i have higher standards. wahahahha.

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