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Saturday, April 14, 2012

20 crazy facts about sex

well these certainly did not come from me. i haven't had any experience on this matter. but as they said, these are facts. and don't get me wrong, japan did not make me a pervert (i already am ever since). what a nice entry for a comeback. bwahahahaha. hope this does not get me banned.

WARNING: this is not for the faint of heart.

WARNING: you have been warned earlier so do not complain.

WARNING: i also don't know if these are real facts. bwahahahha. what a careless blogger i am.

I'm just joking, these are pretty harmless. wahahahha

1. Thirty minutes of sex can burn between 100 and 200 calories.

  • ouch, this is better than my normal 20mins on the treadmill. wait wait, does 30mins include all the pre-acts? i mean, would people especially men last for 30mins? that must be grueling. great stamina guys!

2. The average size of an erect penis is 5 to 6 inches. The average size of a flaccid penis is about 3 inches.

  • ok. porn really shows only those above average i guess. i think i'm getting into trouble here. bwahahahha

3. Both women and men can be allergic to semen.

  • this is interesting. i wonder if the people i know are allergic. hmmm... i guess not.

4. With nothing in its path, a penis can shoot semen 12 to 24 inches away.

  • what? really? is this the average or what? i don't believe this... no way... (why am i overreacting on this? shhhhhh....)

5. In rare cases, menstrual cramps can cause orgasms.

  • menstrual cramps can really be painful, i've heard. lucky are these ladies, the experience must be bittersweet. heaven and hell at the same time.

6. The longest recorded erect penis length is 13 inches. The smallest is 1 cm.

  • OMG! 1cm and erect at that state. why did he even publish it or allow it to be spread around? he must have been really proud of holding the record. wahahahha.

7. There are about 1,000 euphemisms for "vagina" in the English language.

  • it only shows how vocal english speaking men are. too bad, i can't share anything. :(

8. Sex is a natural antihistamine and headache cure.

  • antihistamine and headache drugs do have a natural competitor. wahahaha. interesting to note though is that some are allergic to semen (refer to #3). this would be an endless cycle, rock and roll baby!

9. The sale of sex toys is banned in Alabama and Mississippi.

  • not affected at all. i am in japan, one of the leading sex dens. don't get me wrong though, it is regulated over here. i think... i suppose... my god, this shows my inexperience...

10. One teaspoon of semen contains approximately 300 million sperm.

  • and most of them end up down the drain i suppose. poor sperms. genocide!!!

11. Women with an active sex life produce more estrogen, resulting in smoother skin and shinier hair.

  • i wonder if the converse is true as well. and does this apply to men as well: the smooth skin and shiny hair that is?

12. During ejaculation, a man's semen travels about 28 miles per hour.

  • no wonder they can shoot quite that far (refer to #4). hard working sperms that unfortunately end down the drain. bless thy souls.

13. "Ithyphallophobia" is the fear of seeing or having an erect penis.

  • i am not one of them. bwahahahaha. no further comments.

14. A teaspoon of semen contains about five calories.

  • diet experts out there, please tell me if this is good or bad. thank you. :)

15. The average male takes about 3 minutes to reach orgasm. The average female takes between 10 and 12 minutes.

  • look at the difference. longer pleasure for the women?!? no wonder why most women often complain about not reaching the heavens.

16. A man will ejaculate 14 gallons of semen in a lifetime.

  • and they really made efforts to calculate this. how dedicated they really are. how was this measured by the way??? does this include those stuck between the pipes? ooops...

17. Black women are 50 percent more likely to reach orgasm during sex than white women.

  • how about the asians? how come most facts only show blacks and whites? this is really unfair. wahihihi

18. Semen is good for oral health due to its zinc and calcium content.

  • and look at that. another benefit of semen. and they are quite low on calories remember. hmmm, some of my teeth are getting bad these days. wahihihihi

19. Men who have an active sex life have a longer life expectancy, past 80 years on average.

  • ok. i think i'll die young. maybe around 40? hmmm or earlier??? waaaaah... somebody help me!!!! i'm begging you!!!

20. There are approximately 100 million sexual acts performed each day. That's about how many Tweets are written each day.

  • i don't get the purpose of this. with around 7 billion people(this was taken from here) around the world now, this is very much possible. even young kids know about sex nowadays. gosh, this is a no brainer. bwahahahha

with this done, i hope you were entertained. i hope you were not as bothered as me. wahahaha. just remember that life is what you make of it. and as for me, sex is nothing without love (one of my lame sourgrape excuses. bwahahahha).

so go ahead and enjoy life folks! have a happy day y'all!

source: facts and images are ripped off from

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