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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

bureaucracy (27th...)

just this morning, a fuss happened. action was supposed to happen. the management heads were trying to get to the root by tasking someone to do it. but because of bureacracy, no action was taken... yet... i dont know what is to happen but i do hope its for the betterment of everyone.

when i was new in here just trying to know the people, the system and all, i committed a grave mistake so they say... i have posted this before in here. i was tempted to do a stupid thing and yes i fell in the trap. i was just thankful that it didnt really make that much of an impact on my evaluation. now i can see myself lasting longer in here.

after a month or so from my regularization, i was transferred to a different room filled with oldies (not in their age but in their work experience). i was very anxious to even enter the room at first and when i do enter, i never want to get out. there is an aura in the room--that of seriousness and silence. i dont want to get anybodys attention whenever i pass by. but now that ive been here for a longer time now, that feeling was gone.

ive posted before that i got a memo on playing dota. but what surprised me in this new room was that many oldies are playing the game and yet nobody got a memo for it. i refrained from joining them. i refrained from having a copy of the game on my pc. i said that i will never do it again because of the memo trauma. they only replied that memos apply only to newbies or something like that. i was really turned down by this statement. they played openly even if bosses are still there. at least when i played the game, i made sure that the coast is clear. but they were different. its as if no one can stop them from doing the things they like. now i can say that there really is such a thing as favoritism.

this world is really not fair. i have known this long ago but i never thought that even in a place like this, there is something as seniority. people even turn the blades back at you when you try to complain just like what happened this morning to a friend of mine. when you try to fight the seniors, they tend to help each other out in crushing you down. and whats most disappointing is when you treat them as your friends and they push you in the end.

if only there is no such thing as bureacracy. if only people are judged on their performance alone. if only...

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