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Monday, January 22, 2007

encounter with the unexpected (trenta y tres)

its started with a training. i was being myself because i was with friends. i was having conversations with friends, people who i feel comfortable with. i was the usual me who smiles and laughs and joke around. everything went well especially when i knew that snacks was to be in mcdo.

when i went out, this mister tall guy approached and bumped me. i thought it was not intentional at first. but he kept on pushing me then he talked something to me. i now started wondering what it was i did. i have no clue as to what he was saying. we was furious ready to have a brawl. i was looking up at his face trying to figure out what he was saying and what i got was something like: "what do you want?", "you started it.", "we don't know each other so why bother me.". he said this over and over while i was asking him what it was i did. but he would not listen. i was left clueless walking inside the room.

i have never encountered such a situation before. wait.. i did encounter something like it but at least it was with a friend. it was a first with someone i only knew by face and by name, but have no clue as to what his personality is. and so now i am thinking as to what it could have been.

did i say something which offended him? and why would i do that in the first place if i barely knew the guy? did i hurt his pride one way or another? as much as i can remember, i was watching a movie late in the afternoon, went to mcdo with a friend at 5:45, returned to the office and entered the room, waited and attended class in there. of course he was there as well but we never talked. i was talking with others. i don't even know if he was chatting as well. i was smiling and happy during the class. i never expected this to happen.

I'm just thankful that i have friends who comforted me. i guess this is a sign that we really cant please everybody. i guess this is a sign that i should be more attentive to the people around me. i think its a sign for me to stand up and defend myself for once. somethings just don't go as expected so we better prepare for them.

i just hate the feeling that i am picked at and i don't even know what my fault is.

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