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Saturday, March 17, 2007


feb 16, 7:30night 'til midnight

meeting old folks is really fun to have...

met up with fellow mathematicians at ayala center cebu. talking of stuffs past and present... talking of plans now and onwards... getting connected to the world outside of work is always a pleasure of mine. simple conversations, getting updated with each other really matters a lot... reached home at 12+ midnight feeling refreshed... never thought to see light while still in the tunnel... i forgot that there is electricity even inside the tunnel..... slept with a very happy feeling.

feb 17, 8:30 - 12:00 morning

phil-it gce failure....

swu was a first time for me... never been there so i was surprised by what the school offered. but i was more surprised by the exam.i have never seen an exam by an organization/institution held with so many flaws...

a) the test started at near 10 am which pissed me a lot because i only slept 6 hours.

b) our entire exam group transferred a room on the second floor because many of us can't log in to their online exam. hello........ they knew that this will be online, so didn't they check the internet connection in the first place.

c) it takes more time to save answers and transfer to other page of the exam than answering the page itself. it is such a waste of time to transfer to the next set of questions. but it took more time to even save the answers. hello again... this is a timed exam so this issue should never happen...

d) when i was going to my 7th out of 10 pages their system broke.... all of us can't open our page... we waited till 12 before they announced of the neccessary action plan... what a waste... we took more time talking than answering the test... we never got to finish it even...

e) last but definitely not the least, there will be a retake.... oh God........ isnt this enough burden? rescheduled to another day....

is this an exam? are you even serious? this is about it so why aren't they testing their softwares?

feb 17, afternoon

a film to watch

"a dirty carnival" was such a heavy drama but i enjoyed it.... its a korean movie on the joys, pain, success and betrayal of a gangster... such a complex story... action packed but heart piercing, its a joy watching a narrative like this... hope i will not be betrayed by people i call friends... hope i will not experience the pains he felt....

you should try watching this movie... i recommend it... although it was predictable but because you will grow to love the character, you will constantly wish your prediction is wrong...... best movie ive seen so far...

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