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Thursday, March 22, 2007

40---bloody hell

on the 18th day of march in the year 2007, a prophecy became a reality. bloody battlefields became of this barren lands. heart of heroes were challenged. courage and honor were tested to their limits. there is no turning back. no retreat no surrender as they say. to make this short, i donated blood.... toinks....

do you have piercings?


do you know that aids can be transferred by blood?

have you recieved payments for sex?

these questions have to be answered by a 'yes' or a 'no': no buts, no ifs, no anything else. answers were made but the mind was still confused. what the hell am i doing here? am i really doing this? is this the real life, or is this just fantasy? --(bohemian) people were around me, making sure im not going anywhere. dont i have the choice here to leave?

they got my weight (damn i gained lots of pounds, i sure need lots of workout). they got my blood pressure, and heart rate (i think that was it). they need to get a blood sample first so my arms were then tied with rubber (and they're tight) and then they searched for the point where they will stick the needle in. MR A then stuck the needle in and surprise surprise, target out of bounds... shocks.... air hit.... didn't even touch the ring... stupid.... he got the needle and let it swim in my flesh trying to hit the spot but this really hurts... he then got another needle and proceeded to find another area in my body where he can get blood samples. what a pity.... was he not trained to do this properly?

after 4 hours of waiting for the result, we came back to the bloodbank and waited some more. and the result, yes i'm clean... i have no known disease transmutable by blood... i have no tb, hepa, aids, malaria, etc... im very glad about this... but my gosh, this means that i can donate blood... oh my.... it also happened that my blood is compatible with that of the patient's.... sweat started show. with every tick of the clock waiting for that fateful moment, my heart pounded more and more...

and yes that moment came. i was asked to sit and rest on the couch (how could i rest when i know that a needle will be piercing my body?). and then the needle came... this needle is way bigger than ordinary injection needles. it's the size of a lollipop stick and yes, it has a bigger whole... i have no idea how it will pierce me but my god, it is big... i just smiled in there, hopefully gaining more strength as my mouth muscles begin to tire...

and the moment came... i told the practitioner to please be good at hitting targets... there will be no more second chances in here... if she misses the vein, i will definitely not push through with this. i even told her of the incident that morning on MR A. and she was accomodating. she smiled and noted what i said. she wrote on a paper my complaint on MR A. wow... at least my voice was heard...

the needle was pushed and i closed my eyes thinking of how painful this might be... as i waited for the pain, the practitioner backed out. to my surprise, the needle is in place. what?!... how can that be?!?.... no sharp pain???

watching your blood travel down the tube is a wierd feeling. its even wierder seeing that bag fill up with blood. ewww... and i was doing this "close open", "twinkle twinkle little star" action while doing so... i was glad that my friend supported me by the door... she mimicked that action with me... i laughed and smiled the whole time... i sang the music on the radio with my heart...(char)... "making love out of nothing at all..." i chatted with the practitioner as to what diseases were screened with my blood sample... i did the "close open" action with gusto. and then it was over... one bag is finally full...

and then i was drained... yeah drained.... my right arm and shoulders were heavy... its as if i lost energy in there... i was just glad its over... that blood will help save the life of a mother...

all that's left of it now is the scar-- the big scar of the big needle... thinking of this now, makes me smile.... and grin.... and laugh....

ps: comments were exagerated of course but the happeneings were real.

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