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Monday, October 6, 2008

maskara 55

if feelings were as free flowing as the wind, it might be easier to express everything i'm feeling. unfortunately, mine is not. if mine were, then it would be like a hurricane spreading havoc to all. i don't want that to happen... so i'd rather not tell... i don't wanna wear a mask but who doesn't??? people wear a mask at some point in their lives. in my case, my mask has "keeping quite" written all over it.

i guess people have realized that i don't really open up personal stuffs. this is really not my forte. i hate to share because i might not be able to contain my words.... i might spill out more than asked... i'm a good listener though and i have never spilled out what others have shared to me... and i'm sorry but i've got a bad memory so i guess that makes me the best secret keeper... over time, even i forget the secrets told so how could i even share them... now before i drift into that topic more and more, i better go back to my point... i hate to share my feelings because i too, have not yet figured it out..... this is the harsh reality of it... i haven't figured out myself yet... so when people ask something, i just shrug my shoulders without saying anything...that is the best answer i have come up...

my zodiac sign agrees to my mask too... look at how they view scorpios.... aside from being sexy, romantic, loyal, great kisser, it always says that scorpios are secretive... the other adjectives are quite obvious (reserve your comments later...) though i still don't know about the great kisser part... anyone wants to volunteer??? ohh i forgot... they also mention that scorpios are great lovers... another volunteer needed for this too... but secretive is always there.. i don't know if people around me knows that i'm secretive... they tell me their secrets so maybe they do... secretive people = good secret keepers... does that make sense??? to me it does... i've been told quite a lot and i've forgotten quite a lot too... but i have never told anyone of my secrets... i have never really shared them... oh sorry, i have told some of some... but there are still many feelings left untold... who doesn't have feelings left untold??? i guess this what makes each person interesting, discovering what secrets they hide... i just happen to have more of them...

ooopsss... of all the things i have mentioned, don't get me wrong ok... i may be secretive and not sharing much but i'm genuine.... though i cannot say "what you see is what you get" applies to me since there is more to me... but i'm not a tupperware (read as plastic) ok... i laugh at something funny, i get hurt when someone throw stones (physically and idiomatically)... i can be sarcastic too..

oh yeah, i have written this line up there "i hate to share my feelings because i too, have not yet figured it out"... i think this makes a good topic for the next blog... figuring out the unknown... wahahaha... i can now imagine what things to write. i'll surely go around in circles again...

and yeah, did you all know that i'm colorblind??? i guess you all do, that is not a secret at all... but i just don't share that fact to all... oh no... maybe i just did...


  1. hahahaha...can i volunteer? juz kidding... i know of someone, who has the same attitude as you do...but it's just an opinion coz I don't really know you..ur line seems so familiar,...and it hurts...

  2. wahahaha... familiar in a way that you too are experiencing them??


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