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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

winter all throughout

we moved to a different seat in the office last monday. i have no idea why but there are so many reasons popping in my head. is this a way telling us that we are an irrelevant minuscule of this company??? the closest possible reason i have thought of is that people were complaining about how rowdy we were. we talk loud, we laugh loud, we sing, we browse non-work related stuff(blame it to blogs)... and people around our area are silent people; silent people want to stay in silent places. the management can't move them all so they chose to take us out instead... of course, this is just a product of my imagination. i am just giving grave meanings to simple things.

it has been a month since mister temporary friend (let us call him usagi-chan...) moved out. and yeah i kind of missed him. so i tested the waters, i sent a good morning greeting to him and to our common friend. he never replied back... but the common friend (aka ya-chan) did. so we chatted over the emails. ya-chan has always been kind to me even before and he is still now. his emails reflect that. i did all this last monday...

today is wednesday, i decided to test the waters once again. i informed usagi-chan and ya-chan that i am now sitting elsewhere... like before, usagi-chan remained silent and ya-chan and i chatted... it seems that usagi-chan has lost the ability to use his fingers and type some words. 

later that afternoon, my friend and i was  fortunately invited to a small birthday celebration in the pantry. everything was running smoothly until usagi-chan came in... what the hell... is he invited as well??? we stayed cold toward each other the whole time... it's as if i was blocked from his eyesight, a big void existed in the place where i was at. my other colleague greeted him and she told me right after the party that usagi-chan never responded to her. poor her, she also got the cold treatment.. usagi-chan somehow got the upper hand in the party though. he is japanese and naturally, they all spoke japanese... poor me, my japanese is comparable to that of a kindergarten kid. i failed to understand everything. so there i was trying to catch words and phrases a kindergarten kid could understand but failed miserably. i stayed super silent. this made me realize more how cold he was to me... even ice would shiver when purposely placed in between us...

i guess not all endings are worth it....


  1. it seems a happy ending is quite far from the looks of this.hehehe poor her..hehehe

  2. do you know that in malaysia, chinese bosses re-arrange the seats almost every year bcoz of feng shui ^_^

  3. @shiira - a happy ending is almost impossible

    @willy - so you read my blog??? it is an honor. wahihihi...

  4. cool.

    i hope you also visit my blog if you have time.


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