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Thursday, November 25, 2010

the border experience

had the opportunity to travel to singapore for a few days. luckily, going to malaysia land bound is easier.  so there we went, boarded on a night bus to kuala lumpur from singapore.

after 30 minutes, we arrived at the singapore immigration. the bus driver was never accommodating from the start and this was no exception, he just told us to go down the bus to what seemed like an official building. yes, this was the immigration.

there i stood in front of the officer as she was checking my passport. "where is the white card?", she asked. "in the bus", i replied. "go get it, i'll keep your passport with me", she said. then and there i went out thinking of how much of a failure i was. i should have kept that white thing in the passport. damn... too late.

unsure of what to do, i ran for the bus. but the bus was not there. i asked the other bus driver, he pointed at the other direction. quite unsure of what he meant, i asked again telling him of the bus number this time. he grunted, "wait at the other side". damn. these drivers should learn to be friendly. why can't they do it to a foreigner like me??? who would want to take your bus twice and experience the same thing twice? arrogant bitches.

so there i waited and got my things right away when the bus came. the exit where i came from had red no-entry signs. i decided to run back to the entrance, i don't want to be left behind in this forsaken place. i had to run, i thought. to my surprise, going back to the entrance is a big no no--there were lots of barricades. so i asked the police officers nearby of how to get back in. "go back in from where you came out from". gosh! so i ran back to the exit and made my entrance. this is just so weird, i was a complete failure. i had a total body exercise at 11pm.

went back to the lady officer. she checked my passport again. scanned the white paper... stamped on my passport... and gave it to me. damn. i stood there the whole time while catching my breath. went out of the exit once again and slowly came back to the bus. i slowly walked, the bus driver was standing--he must have been furious again. damn you all. they should have stapled that damn white card to the passport. the bus driver should have told us of what things to bring.

lesson learned: be ready for an exercise anytime of the day.

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