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Friday, November 12, 2010

conversation between men

me: hala moadto na diay ko singapore next Saturday. (oh! i'm leaving for singapore next saturday.)
dad: kinsa man imong kuyog? (who will you be with?)
me: kato gihapong kuyog nako sa japan. (same folks with me in japan.)
dad: katong kuyog sad nimo sa boracay? katong babaye? magkasinabtanay ra lagi mo. (same people you were also with in boracay? the girl? you agree much with each other.)
me: o. (yes)
dad: kato na lang kaha pangasaw-i. maayo na para angayan inyong liwat. (why not marry her? your children would look good.)

then i left. i can't say any further when my dad talks to me about stuff like this. i just don't know how to react.

had a similar talk with my uncle over the phone a few months back.

uncle: unya naa na kay uyab? (so, do you have a gf now?)
me: wala pa. (not yet.)
uncle: kato diayng kuyog nimo sa facebook? e****r ba to ang pangalan? boto ra ko ato niya dong. kato na lang. pareson ra mo ato ug kuyog bitaw mo permi. (how about that girl in your facebook? was she e****r? i'm fine with her for you. you look good together and it seems you get along well.)
me: aw naa na toy uyab tiyo oi. (but she already has a bf, uncle.)
uncle: aw uyab pa bitaw na. (ah, bf can be changed.)

it's like they are all telling me to settle right away. how can i do that when my heart has never beaten for someone yet??? i can't force myself to like someone, that's insane. yeah, probably they were thinking of my welfare when i get older. who wants to get old alone? i don't. but i don't want to spend eternity with someone forced.

if only i could just make babies by myself the i would be alone in the future. plants and some animals are way better, they can mate themselves and produce offspring themselves. gosh. divine intervention, where are you???

but do i really need someone to be happy at this moment? i guess not. but should i marry just to be secured that i wont be alone during my golden days? i don't think so.

just make things clear, e****r and i are just friends. we agreed to marry each other when we get 30. wahahaha. am i secured now? not really. how pathetic of me... wahihihi.

lesson of the story, you can't force yourself to love. just leave the coercing to others.

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