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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

bliss (kuala lumpur on early 20101125)

we reached kuala lumpur at 4am. everything was silent except the bus driver who was like a dog barking whatever words he could think of. with the analysis of my brain, i think he was telling us to alight the bus. i was in the middle of dreamland when he started barking so when i woke up, everything was unsure. the smell of kuala lumpur is in the air (pun not intended).

from the previous night, we were able to gather 27 ringgits. we had no other money readily accepted in malaysia. we had to get our money changed.

we asked for a money change at the nearest hotel. the "smell" of kuala lumpur is in the air again (pun intended this time). waited for a while just so they can tell us that they won't cater to people not staying there. so out we went and saw our saviour, mcdonalds. we cannot contact our hosts, they sure are still asleep at 4am. we were staying for free at their condo, we should at least respect their sleep. who would be awake except us and the mcdonalds crew??? we had to stay in and wait for the day. with our meager amount, we ordered one coffee. we had no idea where else to go. it seemed we were stuck in kl. luckily, the resto had internet. cool!

at 7am we tried to contact our host. success! we were given instructions right away. at least we now have direction.

money changer opens at 10, three hours away. we decided to stroll around and tour the vicinity. it seemed that i was strolling on a busy street back home. very familiar.

downtown area is a mixture of old and new and islamic. i was fascinated seeing them altogether at once. we saw a mosque, and of course it was still closed. we saw government buildings, went in a church, strolled at the park, crossed streets.



wait... do we even know where to go?

we used the payphone to get clear instructions to our condo. money balance: 22 ringgits.

retraced our steps back to where we came from: there were many money changers there. but gosh my stomach is getting hungry. entered a small food shop but food is sold out. damn... mcdonalds is a saviour again.

ordered two breakfast meals this time plus an additional hot milo. this crew's english is quite understandable. great! she punched in our orders and totalled 22 ringgits and 20 cents. we were 20 cents short! i was smiling all the more trying to use some charm. i am not so sure of what to do. i told her to cancel the additional drink. luckily, that was possible. the time of my life indeed. my friend had to get a separate cheaper drink. and we even managed to call our host again.

after all this frenzy, we had 10 cents left. i really felt helpless. i don't want to leave the comforts of mcdonalds. this is how it feels to be a destitute, i guess.

10am came and we finally had our money changed. the earlier state of nothingness was erased. we took the taxi right away and arrived in a multiple-more-than-30-storied heaven.

ha! take that!

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