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Friday, January 7, 2011

scorpio for 2011

let us start the year with predictions. hmm...

according to yahoo, this is what is coming for 2011.

Year 2011 Career

Biting off more than you can chew is a potential job hazard by the second half of 2011. And you thought you knew what busy was -- just wait until you experience May's ambush. The catch is that each and every new opportunity will be impossible to pass up because of the challenge and thrill involved. There's nothing dull or ordinary in the work you'll encounter but with so many new elements involved you could easily be getting in over your head. Expect your work to involve action and initiative.

Your biggest and most productive workflow transpires in the springtime, especially between April and May of 2011. During this whirlwind, be reminded to know and respect your limits. You are only human after all despite your voracious appetite for success. But the last thing you need is to hit total burnout or an imposed rest period brought on by your body forcing you to slow down. Pace yourself as you go, listen to your body's signals to regenerate, and you'll be just fine. You'll enjoy your work most and be at your creative, artistic best in April and August. You're busiest time with new work opportunities peaks in May and October.

Year 2011 Romantic

Love and passion continue to explode for Scorpios in 2011. This June shall bring the awesome benefits of luck: it will be working under the guise of Cupid shooting the love arrow straight through your heart of hearts. For the last six months of the year, you have the Midas touch when it comes to dating, mating and relating. Your chance of attracting a grounded, loyal and affectionate mate is doubled if not tripled. And the timing couldn't be more perfect considering how fabulous every other aspect of your life is at the moment. The union will be a bonus rather than fulfilling a hole in your life. You're more than ready for a steady and wonderful partnership to see you through life's storms. As independent and resourceful as you are, your longings for deep and lasting intimacy supersede any selfish inclinations.

Neptune, the planet of soulful unions and fairytale-worthy dalliances enters your romance sector this April. Although the initial transit only lasts until August for the first run, you'll at least glean a sneak peak into how the mystical influence of Neptune might affect your romantic and creative pursuits over the next 14 years. Don't be surprised if you're suddenly overwhelmed with a need to make art and love as if your very soul depended on it. Uniting your spiritual and artistic sides of your nature will become as natural and essential to your life force as breathing.

oh well, i've always been in love. wahahaha. self love, that is. wahihihi.

expect the unexpected then. set sail for romance and career. wahahaha.

peace out.

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