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Sunday, November 13, 2011

gym virgin no more

at 152lbs last friday, i started going to the gym. i'm not even sure how i landed at 152, i always weigh more at home. plus, i just had a birthday bash till dawn from the previous day. but let's cut this before i drift further about the weight, this is my very first gym experience.

when the company offered, i just enrolled. i had no plans of being a regular or of even going to the gym. i was even hesitant because of the very limited free time i have. every working day is hectic and every weekend is sleep. but i enrolled nonetheless, all because of the low fee. at less than 400 a month for a year, that is a good enough catch right?

last nov 3, the gym services officially started. people went there right away and gave me some idea of what to expect. until finally i decided to go. good thing i had company. for if not, i would have postponed it till next day. i always hate first times. i am shy at first times. so there i went with them. the gym was quite spacious, i'm not quite sure if its the regular size though. as i've said, i am a virgin in gym-ing.

first thing they did was get my account. so i filled up the form and searched for my name in the attendance sheet to sign. to my surprise, the sheet was a total let down. my name had a horrible spelling--all vowels in my last name were wrong. i reported that to the staff. i hope they would change it.

like any other gym for sure the locker room was the place for changing clothes. the toilet and shower area was also in there. there were men chatting inside. they must be gym regulars for they seem to know each other well but don't seem to be workmates. gym buddies should i say. and like any men conversation, sex or anything related to it always comes in the picture. one said that his body is already getting in shape more and more. and one replied that he should be careful, the more he lifts weights the more his weeny will become smaller. that gave everyone a laugh, i secretly smiled of course. these guys might kill me if i'd do more. that was the very first lesson i got, be careful with the weights. i went out right after changing clothes.

the attendants then took measurements. chest - 40+, waist - 34, hips. right arm is a bit smaller than the left. hmmmm.... that says a lot.  joke. and my weight finally. she then introduced me to the instructor. he was quite fine looking, i was hoping for more though. instructors help you get in shape and will encourage you to be a regular right? if i had a gym, i will have a 50% face and 50% personality criteria. wahihihihi. he told me to warm up. so there i was, acting as if i know nothing. goodness me... he must have thought me to be a fool.

since it was my first day, my routine is still to be created. he told me that we will do all cardio for now. but we ended up in abs machines because the treadmill were jam packed. ab rotation, lower ab, ab crunches for 15 counts each. no pain yet, it was my first day. and then came 20mins in the mill. i always loved jogging so i'm fine with this but 20mins continuous was sweat drenching. sweat dripped from every pore of my body. i even sweat while doing nothing, how much more for this activity. my shirt has no more dry area. i wished it to end right there and then. after 11mins of continuous running, i had to slow down the pace. started to increase it back at the 15min mark. and finally it ended. it was the longest 20mins of my life. my legs were shaking after getting off the mill. i could have collapsed but mustered all my strength to stand because were around. it would have been part of my most embarrassing moments -- collapsed after 20mins on the treadmill.

after a short break, the instructor came back and assigned me the bike. another 20mins biking. it was easy at first but my butt ached after the first 4mins. it was very very exhausting. good thing there was a tv above me. i forced myself to watch basketball just so my mind will drift away from biking. it was a boring game which was a struggle for me. i don't enjoy televised basketball games. it's just not my forte. seeing it live is better, seeing those glistening bodies is like seeing a parfait waiting to be licked and eaten. wait, that must have sounded too perverted. i didn't mean it that much, naughty would be enough. wahihihi. but televised games do not focus on the bodies... booo... i had to focus my attention to other things instead. hmmm... how about the bodies in front of me? wait wait... i am not a fan of indian curry, isn't there any sushi or kimchee? gosh... there must have been 4 hindi men in there but no one stood out. 8mins more and i'm struggling. 4mins more and my legs were moving on their own. and its over. my legs kept on biking... i can't stop them. it took me a minute before i regained power over my legs. 80rpm is not bad for a beginner right?

the instructor approached me and gave a thumbs up. hmmm... i guess my routine is over for that day, i can't find another cardio workout in there so it must be over. i went and chatted with my colleagues who were also tackling other machines. it was fun watching them, i had to try those too. bench press, leg raises, leg pushing(?!?!), arm/chest machines. it was all fun.

back in the locker room, i asked the instructor for any suggestions on the regularity of the work out. he asked me for my target weight and target time frame-- 130lbs (just for the sake of it) in 3mos (i should have said 1 month. wahihihi). he told me that my routine will have to be aggressive and will push me harder. oh my god!!! as if the one i had was not hard enough. first two weeks have to be as frequent as i can and 4x for the subsequent weeks he suggested.

so we went home with my colleagues who were sharing their body pains. it was my first, so no pains yet.

not until today. my shoulders and arms are always in flex. my abs have tingling sensations and my legs are hard to move. it is difficult taking a bath and extremely hard walking down the stairs. that is a bit exaggerated but it is body pains all over.


so now i'm thinking hard on how to proceed with this. wahihihihi...

goal: flat abs if not packs before the christmas season. so help me god.


  1. whoaaaaaaahhhhh! i both enjoy and envy your experience sir. i wish i could hit the gym too. i super need it. maybe next year, i'll try. :)


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