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Sunday, December 4, 2011

6 patches

6 things to patch is OK, am i not right?

waiting with friends is the hardest; we were supposed to start at 2. she was a bit sarcastic too. i know how you feel but you don't have to shove it in our faces. just contact the damn thing and tell us if you can't do it now. i hate to wait. and i hate to wait not knowing whether we will be served. might as well tell us now so we can find someone else. this was even a trick for i was expecting a handsome man to do the honors. but i kept my cool, i was never the bold one.

sitting in a narrow space is even worse. i can't even extend my legs to the fullest. and there is this eerie feeling of nothingness in that place too. good thing the tv was on. at least i was singing along with the show. and there were magazines. damn, all were old issues. what can i get from cosmopolitan? tons of stuff about dealing with your man, touching your man, teasing your man, giving him the best pleasure and ecstasy... but i can't relate. i am single. in fact i have never had a loving relationship, nor a sexual one. no one dared to take me and i never bothered.

we were called in one by one. the squeaky, tingling, annoying sound is a bit hard to take. it didn't help at all. i was even more nervous. out came one and i was left alone in that cramped holding area.

it must have been a good 20 mins before my time came. i was prepared to answer her questions; it was 3 years ago, i could have said. but she didn't ask. is she serious about this? she just started her thing. there was no pep talk, we proceeded as planned. i guess she was tired--what horror could she have witnessed earlier? i hope i won't add to that. and there goes that tingling sound again.

finally she talked. and gave her advice and findings. 6 patches needed. i was a bit shocked. only 6? in 3 years, just 6? amazingly unbelievable. the other had 11 and 15 but i have 6.


i need to come back sometime for this. i would have liked to finish it all now but she can't. and there goes that lame excuse again, it was hard to contact the agent. but i  totally get it. no worries, i will be back.

then i felt squeaky clean... or rather my teeth were.

that dentist actually did a great job. but i need to come back for the 6 fillings.

more to come then...

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