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Sunday, January 15, 2012

to the sinulog haters

it saddens me to see people commenting negative stuff specially regarding faith. there are so many ways to express faith. and so many ways to express devotion. some of these may not be to your liking.

i admit that some people's action may seem fanatical. i sometimes even raise an eyebrow on these. but i will never judge them. and let me extend that to all, no one has the right to judge them. we do not know what these people have been through, we certainly do not know whatever hardships they may have encountered. yes, some express their thanks too much. some are too showy of their wishes. but no one can really box in the standards of how to express faith. if that is how best they say thanks, then let us be thankful that people still know how to express their gratitude. if that is how best they pray for any wishes, then let us be glad that after everything people still go back to God. why do we have to see only the negative? why do we have complain even when these people are not hurting others? and why do some even make fun of other's beliefs?

let us all be open minded guys. it is a festival and people from all walks of life are converging in the city. we should not generalize the festivity only because there are some who do stuff you do not agree on. i sometimes find waving a hand during a song a bit over the top. i simply don't do it. but it doesn't mean that i have less faith than them who wave. maybe if something really really big happens to me, i may see the waving as an extra added boost that everything will be okay in the end. people's actions are driven by their experiences. you may see it radical but that is just how they are with the experiences they have.

it really hurts me to see those comments making fun of it all. why can't we just be happy that people still believes in God? why can't we be happy that in this modern age and twisted way of living, people still have faith? open mindedness is the key to it all. let us all be happy and thankful. let us stop the criticisms and hate.

to everyone, let us just be reminded of the real essence of this festival. hope you are there not only for the party and fun. pay homage to the core of the Sinulog celebration as well.

Viva Pit Senyor!

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