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Monday, October 30, 2006

sports fest update... (21st century)

the sportsfest pushed through last saturday and i was really glad i came...

im no sports fan, no sports jock, or anything sports related. i think i have no sporty bone in my body but i really enjoyed the day... i came late as planned. (i dont want to participate in the team cheer.) i joined bowling as agreed last friday, though there really was no agreement made because we were forced to join the game but im glad they forced me to join. it was my first game ever. i have no idea how to throw the ball and hit the pins. i dont even know how to hold the ball. but everything was fine... the chit chats here and there kept me alive... as soon as i bowled the ball (i dont know the right term for that), i knew that i will enjoy this... i hit no pin but it was fun... it was fun predicting whether ill hit or not... all in all, i scored 60. thats a low score but for a first timer like me, thats not bad... i dont have beginners luck unlike the others though... i threw balls after balls after balls even after the official game ended... if only my company stayed there, i would have bowled for more hours. our team ranked 2nd after the game and im proud to be part of that... i know that if ill ever attend a sportsfest here again, ill go for bowling again... i want to try it in another place sometime soon...

we then came down to witness the badminton and basketball events... we lost in basketball but were up for championships in badminton. i too played badminton after we got the championship. it was really fun. we were three against three... it really was fun to be just playing there like kids... if only we had 8 rackets, it would have been 4 against 4... so much fun... wahihihihi...

when i woke up yesterday, i felt pains in my body especially on my arms... i cant even lift the basket when we went to buy grocery items... it really hurts... but it was all worth it... the experience, the laughter, and everything... hope it will happen again soon... i really didnt expect to have so much fun... its not actually the winning but just the fun of being there and chatting with people is what matters most to me... have fun...

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