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Friday, May 1, 2009


i've been wanting to post my adventures for the past month. i have planned to post pictures of the nice places i've been to recently. spring in japan is the hanami season--the time when people enjoy the sakura(cherry blossoms) bloom its fullest, filling everything with petals before it goes back to the boring green-leafed tree it normally is. hanami is one of those rare excuses to get yourself drunk and feel perfectly okay because everyone is doing the same. in as much as i would like to share the pictures, the procrastinator in me dominated. i have yet to find all the energy to post everything. what a useless introduction this has become. this only shows how chaotic this brain of mine functions.

lately, i have walked a lot and had aches all over my body a lot. it started from all those hanami activities (just trying to make my useless introduction coherent). i have walked a whole year's worth during those activities. aches all over plus the spring sickness (i don't know if this is true but my japanese friend told me that people feel tired during spring for no apparent reason at all) overcame my whole being. and the fighter that i am, i started to jog just to keep the pace of this starting-to-be-active life. how idiotic of me to even start this so called "jogging" on a drizzling night. the last time of this "jogging" season was on a cold wednesday night. yes, it is still cold. we even joked that japan must have only 2 seasons this year, spring and winter. i was expecting it to be at least warmer... i should have headed back home and changed for warmer clothes that time... but no, i went on and jogged. and now, i have all these ruling my body.

i am slightly feverish, my nose has never gone dry, am tired everyday... you can ignore the last one though; who doesn't get tired from this work i am having? i go home late, eat late, sleep late and somehow need to wake up early?!??! go figure why i feel tired. but these illnesses are signs of flu. and you know what, i've been hearing much about the dreaded swine flu enough to scare me and shake my brain. these illnesses i have are now a complex mixture of natural causes and psychosomatic ones...

i need to be well ok... we have planned to invade osaka, kyoto, kobe and nara this holiday. it is quite an expensive trip so i need to feel well to enjoy everything.

immune system, be strong!!! create antibodies as fast as you can... you only have 2 days left before the trip starts!!! i am going whether you feel well or not, so might as well feel well so you can enjoy the trip as much as i do...

PS: i heard usagi-chan's voice again after a long time. i saw him in a friend's desk (ra-tan's desk), so i decided to call that friend up, the perfect excuse was to inform that i transferred seat yet again. ra-tan told me that he is with somebody and usagi-chan spoke up. they asked me to guess who it was.. though i know perfectly that it was usagi-chan, the actor in me spoke other person's names... (i'll hurt your pride) wahihihihi... he never got to tell who he was... i was somehow expecting usagi-chan to come over and check the new place but knowing his current self, that is never gonna happen and it didn't. usagi-chan is really contributing to my headache--another sign of swine flu...

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