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Friday, January 21, 2011


today, we are having the annual medical examination of our company. blood pressure, cbc test, urinalysis, eye exam, chest xray were taken. but what makes it different is the dreaded physical exam. well, its dreaded for us filipinos who are not used to being naked in front of people.

but what makes it even more exciting are the rumors around it.

legend: CM - Career Manager

jj b: ana...
jj b: pa hubo-on baya jud CM
jj b: bare naked
jj b: :))
jj b: ahaka lagi unexpected kau ,,,wa ko mag dahom
itz: yeah, bare naked gyud bitaw daw
itz: sige lang
itz: maayo gani kami ra sa doctor
itz: ug ang cam niya
itz: wahahahha

jj b: ngee ang tabon nga tela kay dli mu sabod sa floor..
jj b: ma li-li ghapon.
itz: of course malili ra man gyud na
itz: unsaon na lang pag video coverage
itz: wahihihi
jj b: ahaka ra ahhh
jj b: :))
itz: ang next bantayan ani
itz: kay kang kinsa na scandal ang first mugawas
itz: wahahaha
jj b: anah
jj b: bhahahahaha
jj b: i bet imo ang una CM
jj b: hahahaha
itz: layo ra man ko sa linya
itz: first come first serve man sad daw
itz: wahahha
jj b: beng
jj b: c sensei diay una
itz: aw si sensei diay ang niuna?
jj b: siya man daw pinaka una
itz: aw wala ra man na siya care ana. anad na ang hapon ug hubo
jj b: kay siya man sad pinaka sau ug pinaka una nahuman
jj b: ahahaha
jj b: ahaka ra ah
jj b: anad na diay na sila?
jj b: :))
itz: o oi. sa ilang onsen(hot springs)
itz: mag hubo ra baya na sila
jj b: aw mao sad
itz: dili na na sila mashock ug hubo hubo
itz: wahahaha
jj b: ana lang
itz: aw.
itz: gudluck n lng gyud ani kung mahuman ba ni sila
itz: murag dili
jj b: mao
jj b: 4 ra bya daw sila mahuman
itz: aw hapit na
jj b: ana
jj b: niya ikaw wala pa
itz: layo pa gyud kaayo sa linya
itz: hubo ra man unta na
itz: unsa may dugayan
itz: wahahhaa
jj b: ahahahaha
jj b: adika jud nimo CM ui
jj b: :))
itz: aw thinking back. bitin ang videographer kung dalion
itz: so hinayhinayon gyud
itz: wahahha
jj b: hahahha
jj b: ka wild ba nimog imagination
itz: wahahahaha. pasensya.
itz: napunta gyud kag CM na walay direction
itz: wahahahha
jj b: ahahahaha
jj b: concern man sad sa mga underlings...(char!)
jj b: bhahahahaha
jj b: :))
itz: char

so we have nothing to do but wait. gosh, is this how stressful a medical exam is?


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  2. It really is and I hate doing it everytime.

  3. it was my first time. was shocked to know it at first


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